Revision history for Perl module Lingua::Stem::Any

0.05 2014-08-29
 - Added support for Polish `pl` stemmer (first on CPAN) from

0.04 2014-08-27
 - Added `nb` (Norwegian Bokmål) and `nn` (Norwegian Nynorsk) as aliases for
   `no` (Norwegian) [issue #3]
 - Removed attribute chaining, which was accidentally released in v0.04 but was
   previously decided against [issue #6]
 - Required Lingua::Stem::UniNE v0.08, containing a workaround for
   Perl v5.13.10–v5.16.0 bug RT#113750 which caused the `fa` (Persian) stemmer
   to clobber `$_` due to its use of the `charnames` pragma which uses the
   previously buggy `re` pragma [issue #7]

0.03 2014-06-05
 - Increased Perl version required from v5.6.0 to v5.8.1
 - Set the `language` attribute default value to `en` (English), which was
   previosly undefined by default yet required
 - Added `cache` attribute (boolean) for enabling stem caching and `clear_cache`
   method for clearing the stem cache
 - Added `exceptions` attribute (hashref of hashrefs) for setting stemming
   exceptions per language
 - Added new source module Lingua::Stem::Patch with support for languages
   `eo` (Esperanto) and `io` (Ido)
 - Added support for additional Lingua::Stem::UniNE language `de` (German)
   [issue #2]
 - Integrated Travis CI, Devel::Cover, and Coveralls with GitHub repo [issue #4],
   [issue #5]

0.02 2013-04-28
 - Required Moo v1.1.0 because it supports non-reference scalars as default

0.01 2013-04-26
 - First release
 - Sources supported: Lingua::Stem::Snowball, Lingua::Stem::UniNE, Lingua::Stem