DBD::MariaDB - database driver for Perl

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This is the Perl DBI driver for access to MariaDB and MySQL databases.

The goal of our effort was to fix MariaDB compatibility, Perl Unicode support and security related bugs.

This Perl DBI driver is a fork of the DBD::mysql driver and was created because said issues in the original DBD::mysql have not been addressed for more than a year.


Usage of this Perl DBI driver is described in DBD::MariaDB.


Installation is described in DBD::MariaDB::INSTALL.


This module comes with no warranty and is distributed as is.

To participate in a general discussion about Perl DBI with other DBI users, subscribe to the mailing list by sending an email to dbi-users-subscribe@perl.org.

Mailing list archives are available at the Perl DBI Users' Forum.


This module is released under the same license as Perl itself. See Perl Licensing for details.


Contributions are welcome.