=head1 DBD::MariaDB - database driver for Perl

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This is the Perl L<DBI> driver for access to MariaDB and MySQL databases.

The goal of our effort was to fix MariaDB compatibility, Perl Unicode support
and security related bugs.

This Perl DBI driver is a fork of the L<DBD::mysql> driver and was created
because said issues in the original DBD::mysql have not been addressed for more
than a year.

=head2 Usage

Usage of this Perl DBI driver is described in L<DBD::MariaDB>.

=head2 Installation

Installation is described in L<DBD::MariaDB::INSTALL>.

=head2 Support

This module comes with no warranty and is distributed as is.

To participate in a general discussion about Perl DBI with other DBI users,
subscribe to the mailing list by sending an email to

Mailing list archives are available at the
L<Perl DBI Users' Forum|https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/perl.dbi.users>.

=head2 License

This module is released under the same license as Perl itself. See
L<Perl Licensing|https://dev.perl.org/licenses/> for details.

=head2 Contributing

Contributions are welcome.