Revision history for Perl extension Data::Dumper::Simple.

0.11  2005-11-15
    - POD bug.  Changed "autodump" to "autowarn" in POD.

0.10  2005-10-08
    - Added POD tests.
    - Converted to Module::Build
    - Fixed tiny bug where import list error wasn't getting
      reported correctly (because I was missing 'strict'.  Fancy

0.07  Thu May 19 2005
    - Implemented patch from Tom Phoenix that makes parentheses
      optional (and a doc fix, too).
    - Fixed little-known bug that triggered indirect method call
      syntax.  You can now do "diag Dumper($foo)" or
      "diag Dumper $foo" if you wish.

0.06  Monday Aug 2 2004
    - Fixed variable with whitespace bug ($foo[   4   ]).
      Added autowarning.
      Added ability to choose own name for &Dumper (helps with
      namespace collisions).

0.05  Sun Aug 01 2004
    - taking a reference to an array or hash now lists the data
      structure as a reference in the output.  Shoulda done that
      the first time.

      Perl Barbie says "Source filtering is *hard*"

0.04  Sun Aug 01 2004
    - Commenting out a Dumper statement now works.

0.03  Sat Jul 31 15:30:00 PDT 2004
    - Changed the filter from "code" to "executable".  This
      will sometimes mean that quoted data could be inappropriately
      interpolated, but there appears to be an obscure bug in 
      Filter::Simple.  Still, this is a debugging module and it
      should not really be an issue.

0.02  Sat Jul 31 12:30:00 PDT 2004
    - fixed tiny bug with how scalars were represented when
      a reference to one is taken.

0.01  Fri Jul 30 16:29:14 PDT 2004
    - original version; created by make_project 0.1