Revision history for DBIx-Class-EasyFixture

        - fix incorrect method name in documentation example
        - convert from Moose to Moo

0.12    2015-08-28
        - Add support for bi-directional relationships (via github:lohengrin332)

0.11    2014-03-19
        - Fix dist.ini to properly list dependencies
        - Instrument tests to try to track down a problem with a (bad?)
          smoker. Example:

0.10    2014-03-19
        - Bugfix: circular definitions no longer cause infinite recursion.
        - Bugfix: corrected issue where serial "next" definitions in fixtures
          wouldn't load (spotted by GeJ)
        - Validate that groups are not empty (GeJ)
        - Typo fixes (GeJ)

0.04    2014-03-14
        - Allow users to disable transactions, if needed.

0.03    2014-02-24
        - load() now returns the dbic objects it loads
        - Fixture attributes depending on another fixture can be described inline.
        - Update main docs to give short description of fixtures.

0.02    2014-02-17
		- Switch to Module::Install for installation.
        - EasyFixture now validates all fixtures at instantiation time.
        - Update dependency list.

0.01    2014-02-15
        - Easy to use DBIx::Class test fixtures