Arepa (Apt REPository Assistant) is a suite of tools to manage a Debian
package repository. It consists of command-line tools and a web interface.


You need reprepro (3.9 or higher), sudo and sbuild installed for Arepa to

You must create a user "arepa-master" in a group "arepa" and give the user
permissions to run sbuild (typically, run "sudo adduser arepa-admin sbuild").


The main configuration file is /etc/arepa/config.yml. There is a configuration
sample for it in config.yml-sample. Similarly, you have to create the user file
/etc/arepa/users.yml from the example users.yml-sample.

Once you have a proper configuration in /etc/arepa/config.yml, you must also
create several files and directories (typically under /var/arepa). You can
execute the given script "" as root and it will create them for

When that's ready, read the POD documentation for the Arepa module
(lib/ and follow the steps.

To configure the web interface, you'll have to make web/cgi/arepa.cgi
available somewhere (as well as the CSS) and configure /etc/arepa/config.yml
appropriately (there's a sample config file named config.yml-sample). Make sure
you make www-data, or whatever Apache runs as, member of the group "arepa".