Change history for Perl extension PDF::Table.

Version 0.9.12 - hotfix for failing tests - Desislav Kamenov

Version 0.9.11 Changes by contributors on GitHub - Keith Carangelo, Mohammad S Anwar

3264342 Added cell_render_hook subroutine to create hyperlinks
0fb2e57 Fixed broken link to Rick Measham's tutorial.
8361ec3 Fixed new_page_func valid setting
38610ec Header alignment default should be column alignment
e3ec184 Added parameter checking in the method table(). - Added unit test t/table.t script.
a73e67f Proposed fix to the CPANTS error as below: - Added standard unit test for MANIFEST file (t/manifest.t). - Removed MYMETA.json, MYMETA.yml and Makefile (auto generated files) - Added entry "t/manifest.t" to the MANIFEST file. - Updated MANIFEST.SKIP file.

Version 0.9.10 Changes by contributors on GitHub - azawawi, joenio

6fab323 Modernize hashbang #! to be more perlbrew friendly
58c36df Add relative link to Changes file
efaf173 Simple installation/development commmands
cfbcf48 More simplification
a7889bc Fix
43c2182 Fix warning: Useless use of greediness modifier '?' in regex
db4bc44 Fix #17, page parameter should be optional
f93ed16 "utf8" pragma solves issue with characters rendered wrong
e69524e fix script that test issue #15
5d5628f avoid warnind about use of greediness modifier

Version 0.9.8/9

Added MANIFEST.SKIP and fixed a broken build with 0.9.8
Added some utility methods to new()

Version 0.9.7 - for a detailed log and changed files visit GitHub

Added a few initialisation methods to the help new() and later on accomodate static initialisation within table() textblock()

Repackaged to fix Issue #16

Version 0.9.7 - for a detailed log and changed files visit GitHub

Reviewed and updated README

Huge POD rewrite

Adding a small script that generates HTML from POD and applies CSS from CPAN. Useful for reviewing the POD before release.

Added a test for POD validation

Added an example file that can test GitHub Issues #8, #9, #10

GitHub [Issue #9] [Issue #10]  Fixed cell_props applied to a different row when 'Repeat Headers' is enabled

Introduced column_numbers variable to avoid using $record in a broader scope. Further improvement needed.

Header row height is copied to each new page when 'Repeat Headers' is enabled

Fixed messing up row height when repeat headers is enabled due to access by array index vs shift/unshift

Fixed row height for rows with text blocks

Headers_props variable has been wrongly initialised with 0 causing a copy of the first data row even when header props are not passed as parameter

Added initialisation of header props justify param so that column and cell properties are not affecting the default value.

Fixed an issue with messing up row properties when repeating the header row on each page.

Examples have been formatted.

One new example added ( for demonstrating how header row can be added to multiple pages.

No need to export variables. Added one more test.

Removed pad_w and pad_h local variable as useless

Fixed typo causing a bug with row_height param.
Added example file for row_height. To be used for writing a test.

Added POD for row_height param

Row counting should not be skipped if it is first row.

Added one more test(duplicates existing) but only to have base.

Extracted PDF::API2 Mock as a separate package.
Created New test with the very basics.
Create a new package that will hold predefined data for tests so it can be reused.

Fixed a variable that masks earlier declaration.

Fixed Issue #4 - Row height is calculated correctly depending on font size.
Some variables are renamed to more meaningful.
Row counting is done in a new way with single counter that is used for column and cell props retrieval.

Row height is now calculated for each row based on maximum font size from all cells.
Refactored some variable names and unified row counting during column size calculation phase.

Fixed doc details in POD

Cosmetic changes

Decreased indent and reduced if body.
For easier review, diff with whitespace changes disabled.

Added github url in readme

Version 0.9.6
Fixed typo in POD. Closes #71816
Thanks to Gregor Herrmann

Small code refactoring.

Added patch for infinite loop fix. Closes #77376
Thanks to John Bazik

Added patch for header justification. Closes #77566
Thanks to James Lance

Added horizontal_borders, vertical_borders params to table(). Closes #79883
Thanks to Eric Johnson

Version 0.9.5 - 18.Oct.2011
MANIFEST was missing sample pdf file.

Accidently left alternative code for infinite loop fix commented out.
Fixed.  Added a test for that.

Version 0.9.4 - 17.Oct.2011
Don't bump row count when row spans a page.  Closes #67401.

Fixed bug: don't call text_block if record width is exactly cell width.

Fixed bug in text_block: bottom is (top - height), not (baseline - height).

Example script typo fixed.  Closes #55133.

Don't set up strokes when border is 0.  Apparently breaks Acrobat.
Closes #40705 and #55137.

Changed print warnings to carp.  Closes #38007.

Added center justification for columns and cells.  Tests, too.
Closes #37924.

Fixed infinite loop caused by uninitialized $2.  Thanks to Petri Kaurinkoski.
Closes #34017.

Fixed perl warning if $col_prop->{min_w} is undef.  Thanks to
Matthias Pitzl (NEPOS).  Closes #30720.

Fixed default header background color bug, closes #28542.

Added mock PDF::API2 packages to test script and added tests.

Improve column width calculations so wider content gets wider columns.
Added column width test.  Thanks to Barrie Slaymaker (RBS).  Closes #26158.

Version 0.9.3 - 27.12.2006
Added backward compatibility and now again params with '-' front are supported.
  Both params with '-'and without are valid and can be even mixed together.
  I excuse for changing the interface before.

Added cell_props parameter wich can define properties for a single cell as specified by user.
Thanks for cell_props patch to Bodo Bauer.

Removed Version requirement of Perl 5.8.7 and only version ot 5.6.0 is required.
Thanks to Jonas Pasche for reporting it.

Updated examples/ file to try the capabilities of the module immidiately after download.

Documentation Update.

Fixed bug with interpreting \n as special char but not as newline.
Thanks to Jonas Pasche for reporting it.
	(reminder: text with \n must be enclosed in double quotes i.e. "text\nnewline" )

Fixed documentation inacuracy for text_block(). It is called as $pdftable->text_block() of course.
Thanks to Jonas Pasche for reporting it.

Fixed bug with first_line overlaping with former paragraph last line.
Thanks to Jonas Pasche for reporting it and contributing a patch.

Version 0.9.2 - 02.Oct.2006
Fixed bug with 'col_props->bg_color' overiding 'header_props->bg_color'
Thanks to Giulio Di Giuliomaria

Fixed some documentation inacuracys.
Added some new documentation.

'column_props->width' parameter changed to 'min_w'

Added example script to instantly test the module when downloaded.
See 'examples' into the tar.gz archive.

Version 0.9.1 - 18.Sep.2006
Removed Debug Message "Created New Page"

Fixed bug with not working header row bg_color parameter

Thanks to Bodo Bauer for submiting the patch.

Version 0.9 - 14.Sep.2006
Fixed 'fontsize' bug at line 234 to font_size and parameter is working correctly

Changed all parameters not to start with '-'
So now '-start_h' becomes only 'start_h'

Changed default font encoding form latin1 to UTF8

Added Default Values for next_h next_y parameters

Added Minimum value check for x y start_h start_y

Optimization for min row height calculations

Added 'new_page_func parameter'. This is should be a reference to function which is called every time when a new page needs to be created so the table can span.See online manual for more info how to use it.

Added Check if any text in sub text_block before spliting the parameter.

Fixed bug with infinite loop when spanning to a new page.

Splitting long words to parts because of breaking table cels

Parameter in text_block() 'parspace'  space before block start (paragraph).
So the first line will start and height $ybase $parspace. So is every next paragraph into the block.

Undocumented Parameter in text_block() 'indent'    indent of every line
Undocumented Parameter in text_block() 'flindent'  indent of first line
Undocumented Parameter in text_block() 'fpindent'  indent of first paragraph

The Above parameters are excluding each other in the following order: parspace,flindent,fpindent,indent 
The one that is found first and has valid value is beeing used

Added Header Row support with repeat on every new page and different layout than the other rows

Parameter 'w' for table is not optional any more (could change)

Changed table width calculation and now module tries to use as much space as it is given but not more than it.

Default values for many options

Better source formatting

Fixed incorect y position returned from text_block()

Others that i dont remeber.