Changes for version 0.9.10

  • 6fab323 Modernize hashbang #! to be more perlbrew friendly 58c36df Add relative link to Changes file efaf173 Simple installation/development commmands cfbcf48 More simplification a7889bc Fix 43c2182 Fix warning: Useless use of greediness modifier '?' in regex db4bc44 Fix #17, page parameter should be optional f93ed16 "utf8" pragma solves issue with characters rendered wrong e69524e fix script that test issue #15 5d5628f avoid warnind about use of greediness modifier
  • Version 0.9.8/9
  • Added MANIFEST.SKIP and fixed a broken build with 0.9.8 Added some utility methods to new()


A utility class for building table layouts in a PDF::API2 object.