Revision history for Perl extension PDF::Table.

0.9  Thu Sep 14 18:02:26 2006
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.23 with options
		-XA -v 0.9 -n PDF::Table

Version 0.9.1 - 18.Sep.2006
Removed Debug Message "Created New Page"

Fixed bug with not working header row bg_color parameter

Thanks to Bodo Bauer for submiting the patch.

Version 0.9 - 14.Sep.2006
Fixed 'fontsize' bug at line 234 to font_size and parameter is working correctly

Changed all parameters not to start with '-'
So now '-start_h' becomes only 'start_h'

Changed default font encoding form latin1 to UTF8

Added Default Values for next_h next_y parameters

Added Minimum value check for x y start_h start_y

Optimization for min row height calculations

Added 'new_page_func parameter'. This is should be a reference to function which is called every time when a new page needs to be created so the table can span.See online manual for more info how to use it.

Added Check if any text in sub text_block before spliting the parameter.

Fixed bug with infinite loop when spanning to a new page.

Splitting long words to parts because of breaking table cels

Parameter in text_block() 'parspace'  space before block start (paragraph).
So the first line will start and height $ybase $parspace. So is every next paragraph into the block.

Undocumented Parameter in text_block() 'indent'    indent of every line
Undocumented Parameter in text_block() 'flindent'  indent of first line
Undocumented Parameter in text_block() 'fpindent'  indent of first paragraph

The Above parameters are excluding each other in the following order: parspace,flindent,fpindent,indent 
The one that is found first and has valid value is beeing used

Added Header Row support with repeat on every new page and different layout than the other rows

Parameter 'w' for table is not optional any more (could change)

Changed table width calculation and now module tries to use as much space as it is given but not more than it.

Default values for many options

Better source formatting

Fixed incorect y position returned from text_block()

Others that i dont remeber.