Catalyst::Plugin::AutoCRUD::Manual::Limitations - Noted Limitations

Time Zone settings are lost during SELECT/UPDATE

Database fields of types such as (PostgreSQL) timestamp with time zone will be displayed with a date and time picker, but you'll lose the time zone's UTC offset value, sorry. This could be fixed and retained through an improved UI widget, for example.

Performance on large datasets with relations

Take care when providing access to large datasets. If the user choses to view all records (in the ExtJS2 frontend), and these records have relations, many additional rows will be fetched from the database when AutoCRUD follows those relations. The response of the site is likely to be severely degraded.

This is by design, as the purpose of this plugin is first and foremost to provide administrators and developers with easy access to data sources. The author is happy if you wish to install the plugin for end-users, but please bear in mind the above limitation.

One possible workaround for DBIx::Class storage is to create new ResultSet classes which omit defining the relations (and even some data columns, if you wish). Configure AutoCRUD with a Site which hides all ResultSet classes except these, and then unecessary data will not be retrieved nor relations followed.