The status can be:

  • done

    Indicates a state of success and a log message which may be used as the outcome for the action.

  • info

    The worker has completed successfully and a debug log will be issued, but the outcome is not the main goal of the action.

  • defer

    Issued when the worker has failed to connect to the remote device, or is not permitted to connect (through user config).

  • error

    Something went wrong which should not normally be the case.

  • ()

    This is not really a status. The worker can return any value not an instance of this class to indicate a "pass", or non-error conclusion.


done, info, defer, error

Shorthand for new() with setting param, accepts log as arg.


Returns true if status is done.


Returns true if status is error, defer, or info.


A numeric constant for the status, to allow comparison.