Revision history for Dancer-Plugin-DebugToolbar

0.016   2011-09-14
        * Fixed the displaying of routes defined with regular expressions
        * Fixed cyclic references detection to not produce false positives
        * Added template inspection feature

0.015   2011-08-13
        * Fixed installation problem caused by File::ShareDir::Install missing
        * Fixed window positioning problem with scrolled content
        * Added cyclic references detection for inspected data structures
        * Fixed path prefix handling

0.014   2011-08-11
        * Fixed an issue with DBI::reset being called needlessly

0.013   2011-08-09
        * Fixed issues with using the plugin with Plack
        * Fixed a problem with JavaScript configuration loading

0.012   2011-08-07
        Excluded Dancer::Plugin::DebugToolbar::DBI from POD coverage tests.

0.011   2011-08-07
        * Most of the code rewritten for better separation of logic and 
        * The toolbar and information window are now displayed as iframes
        * Added basic database tracing capabilities

0.01    2011-07-30
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.