Libsass Math Plugin

Native libsass plugin adding trigonometric and mathematical functions.


You need to have libsass already compiled or installed as a shared library (inclusive header files). It is then compiled via cmake. See this example to compile it on windows via MinGW Compiler Suite:

cmd git clone mingw32-make -C libsass BUILD=shared CC=gcc -j5 git clone cd libsass-math && mkdir build && cd build cmake -G "MinGW Makefiles" .. -DLIBSASS_DIR="..\..\libsass" mingw32-make CC=gcc -j5 && dir math.dll

You may define LIBSASS_INCLUDE_DIR and LIBSASS_LIBRARY_DIR separately!


The following globals are available when you import the math plugin. - $E - Euler's number (used for the natural logarithm). - $PI - The ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter. - $TAU - The double of pi, because Pi is wrong.

The following functions are available when you import the math plugin.


  • sign($x) - Returns the sign of the number (-1,0,1)


  • exp($x) - Returns the exponent of a number.
  • log($x) - Returns the natural logarithm of a number.
  • log2($x) - Returns the base 2 logarithm of a number.
  • log10($x) - Returns the base 10 logarithm of a number.
  • cbrt($x) - Returns the cube root of a number.
  • sqrt($x) - Returns the square root of a number.
  • fact($x) - Returns the factorial of a number.
  • pow($base, $exp) - Returns base to the power of exp.


  • sin($x) - Returns the sine of a number.
  • cos($x) - Returns the cosine of a number.
  • tan($x) - Returns the tangent of a number.
  • sec($x) - Returns the secant of a number.
  • csc($x) - Returns the cosecant of a number.
  • cot($x) - Returns the cotangent of a number.


  • sinh($x) - Returns the hyperbolic sine of a number.
  • cosh($x) - Returns the hyperbolic cosine of a number.
  • tanh($x) - Returns the hyperbolic tangent of a number.
  • sech($x) - Returns the hyperbolic secant of a number.
  • csch($x) - Returns the hyperbolic cosecant of a number.
  • coth($x) - Returns the hyperbolic cotangent of a number.


  • asin($x) - Returns the arcsine of a number.
  • acos($x) - Returns the arccosine of a number.
  • atan($x) - Returns the arctangent of a number.
  • asec($x) - Returns the arcsecant of a number.
  • acsc($x) - Returns the arccosecant of a number.
  • acot($x) - Returns the arccotangent of a number.


  • asinh($x) - Returns the hyperbolic arcsine of a number.
  • acosh($x) - Returns the hyperbolic arccosine of a number.
  • atanh($x) - Returns the hyperbolic arctangent of a number.
  • asech($x) - Returns the hyperbolic arcsecant of a number.
  • acsch($x) - Returns the hyperbolic arccosecant of a number.
  • acoth($x) - Returns the hyperbolic arccotangent of a number.

© 2015 Marcel Greter