Libsass Image Size Plugin

Native libsass plugin adding functions to query image dimensions.


This plugin only supports PNG, JPG and GIF image formats. These are the common image formats used on the web (beside SVG maybe). Those three image formats are well defined and querying the dimensions is rather simple. Therefore we don't need any 3rd party image libraries to get the job done.


You need to have libsass already compiled or installed as a shared library (inclusive header files). It is then compiled via cmake. See this example to compile it on windows via MinGW Compiler Suite:

cmd git clone mingw32-make -C libsass BUILD=shared CC=gcc -j5 git clone cd libsass-img-size && mkdir build && cd build cmake -G "MinGW Makefiles" .. -DLIBSASS_DIR="..\..\libsass" mingw32-make CC=gcc -j5 && dir img-size.dll

You may define LIBSASS_INCLUDE_DIR and LIBSASS_LIBRARY_DIR separately!


The following functions are available when you import the img-size plugin.

  • image-size($url) - Returns image dimensions as a list with spaces
  • image-width($url) - Returns image width as number with px as unit
  • image-height($url) - Returns image height as number with px as unit

The url is resolved via sass_compiler_find_file, which will in turn look for the given file in all include directories. The first file encountered will be used. If no file can be found, a error is raised.

© 2017 Marcel Greter