Libsass Glob Plugin

Native libsass plugin for glob-based imports


You need to have libsass already compiled or installed as a shared library (inclusive header files). It is then compiled via cmake. See this example to compile it on windows via MinGW Compiler Suite:

cmd git clone mingw32-make -C libsass BUILD=shared CC=gcc -j5 git clone cd libsass-glob && mkdir build && cd build cmake -G "MinGW Makefiles" .. -DLIBSASS_DIR="..\..\libsass" mingw32-make CC=gcc -j5 && dir glob.dll

You may define LIBSASS_INCLUDE_DIR and LIBSASS_LIBRARY_DIR separately!


sass @import "lib*.scss" @import "**/*.scss"

Only globstar (**) and asterisk (*) wildcards are supported so far.


  • Not really tested in the wild
  • May not work with unicode filenames

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