Revision history for Perl module WWW::Mechanize::Cached

1.56      2022-05-24 22:07:41Z
    - Bump required version of LWP::UserAgent to 6.66 (GH#30) (Olaf Alders)

1.55      2021-02-16 02:40:00Z
     - remove plan declared before Test::RequiresInternet (GH#26) (Dan Book)

1.54      2020-08-10 22:37:25Z
    - Don't poke at HTTP::Header internals (GH#24) (Olaf Alders)

1.53      2020-02-24 21:07:31Z
    - Remove warnings on new() (GH#15) (Jonathan Rubin, simbabque)
    - Remove new warnings (GH#22) (Julien Fiegehenn)
    - Add Test::Warn to develop requirements (GH#21) (Olaf Alders)
    - Remove Find::Lib and Path::Class from deps (GH#19) (Olaf Alders)

1.52      2019-11-18 14:15:37Z
    - Implement invalidate_last_request to remove the last request from the
      cache (GH#18) (E. Choroba)

1.51      2017-11-15 21:43:33Z
    - Replace Class::Load with Module::Runtime (Yanick Champoux) (GH#12)

1.50 2015-08-10 23:28:58 America/Toronto
    - Test suite cleanup

1.49 2015-08-07 22:54:19 America/Toronto
    - Use SSL wikipedia URLs in tests in order to avoid redirects

1.48 2015-04-16 22:32:22 Europe/Berlin
    - Fix cache object creation when run without args (Bjørn-Olav Strand)

1.47 2015-03-03 23:00:01 America/Toronto
    - Use nfreeze rather than freeze for portability (John SJ Anderson)

1.46 2015-02-08 21:41:11 America/Toronto
    - Bump Moo version to fix tester failures (Mark Gardner)

1.45 2015-02-07 18:16:43 America/Toronto
    - Ported from Moose to Moo (Mark Gardner)

1.44 2014-08-23 11:25:15 America/Toronto
    - Support working with CHI automatically if Cache::FileCache is not installed
    - GH #6 (Kent Fredric)

1.43 2013-07-26 23:04:40 America/Toronto
    - Reformatted Changes file as per CPAN::Changes::Spec (Neil Bowers)

1.42 2013-06-29
    - Allow caching w/ Content-Encoding == chunked + no size header (Kent

1.41 2012-06-27
    - Account for content length when deciding whether to cache (Kent Fredric)

1.40 2010-10-18
    - Fixed file prefix in cache_key.t when run under Windows

1.39 2010-10-09
    - live tests now skip if we can't connect to the live URL
    - Storable now has a specific version prerequisite

1.38 2010-10-07
    - cache_key test should now be portable to Windows
    - Critic test removed as Dist::Zilla runs this test automatically
    - POD tests should now only be run by author

1.37 2010-08-30
    - Removed TestCache from Makefile.  Had been automatically added
      by Dist::Zilla

1.36 2010-08-30
    - Caching is now positive by default (was negative up to this point)
    - Referring URLs are now, by defaut, not used when creating cache keys.
      This reverses the behaviour of previous versions.  RT #56757
    - Now using Moose and Dist::Zilla

1.35 2009-11-20
    - Changed test URL, which was causing a small percentage of installs to
    - Added latest HTTP::Headers to prerequisites in order to prevent some
      failed installs

1.34 2009-11-20
    - Added first example script
    - Expanded documentation re: custom caches
    - Removed some outdated files from distro

1.33 2009-07-13
    - Now maintained by Olaf Alders.  Thanks to Andy Lester for offering
      to let me take this on.
    - Applied patch from RT
      This fixes the "Can't store CODE items" errors
    - Now requires Test::Warn 0.11 (fixes errors in t/002-bad-custom-cache.t)
    - Moved development to GitHub:
    - Added Perl::Critic author tests

1.32 2004-04-11

    - Added the $mech->is_cached() method.

    - Verified that reusing an existing cache gives you the pages back.

    - Now requires WWW::Mechanize 1.00, because previous versions
      goofed up the HTTP headers on some requests.

1.30 2004-03-14

    - No new features.

    - Fixed stupid configuration problem in t/bad-cache-test.t.
      If you got 1.28 installed OK, you don't need 1.30.

1.28 2004-03-13

    - The C<cache> parm to the constructor is no longer a set
      of parms to specify how the cache will be initialized.  It
      must now be a fully-initialized cache object, probably in
      the Cache::Cache hierarchy.

    - Existing caches will not work, because I changed the
      directory that they get written to.  It used to go into
      /tmp/FileCache/WWW::Mechanize::Cached, but now will go into
      /tmp/FileCache/www-mechanize-cached.  This is so the Windows
      folks can use the module, too.

      However, if you want to create your own cache object that
      writes to /tmp/FileCache/WWW::Mechanize::Cached, for
      compatibility, you can create it and pass it in.

    - You can now specify your own Cache::Cache object to pass
      into the constructor.

1.26 2004-02-29

    - Removed a duplicate $key.  Cleaned up some of the internal code,
      and made the variable names more explicit.

    - Added an autocheck=>1 to the t/cached.t test.  Also hits instead of Iain's now-gone website.

    - Removed the SIGNATURE, which I don't intend to maintain.

1.24 2004-01-18


    On December 29th, 2003, Iain Truskett, the original author of
    WWW::Mechanize::Cached passed away.  I've taken over maintenance
    of the module.  If you're interested in carrying on Iain's work,
    let me know.

1.23 2003-12-01

    - Initial version, released by Iain Truskett.