Revision history for Perl extension ExtUtils::Constant.

[Yes, this is still out of date. If it isn't fixed up by the conference
formerly known as YAPC::Europe, show me a copy of this to claim your free

0.13  Mon Aug  5 20:20:21 2002
	Copy the module and test from bleadperl
        Find and fix a bug when there is only 1 item of a given length, but
        it has the "check utf8 flag" set. Regression test 52 now tests this.

0.14  Sun Aug 25 15:40:35 BST 2002
        More aggressive switch code:
        a: If the last character was used as the switch target, no need to
           check it again with memEQ (ie memcmp)
        b: If the first character is used as the switch target, no need to
           check it again with memEQ  (this does need C code to move the
           pointer target, so last character is preferred)
        c: Three character strings are now done as 2 explicit character
           comparisons after the switch, rather than memEQ. It may be worth
           extending this to four character strings.
        Refactor the regression test code to allow multiple test extensions
        to be built. This way the various possibilities in the switch code can
        easily be tested.
        The "more aggressive" switch code shrinks bleadperl's extensions by a
        grand total of 648(ish) bytes. Amazing! (well, every little helps)
        Will now install into the core for perl 5.8.0 or later (as it's a core
        module from 5.7.2ish)

0.15  Thu Jan 13 21:54:21 GMT 2005
	Avoid problems in dogfood() if a zero length name accidentally gets in
	Docpatch from Steve Peters

0.16  Sun Jan 23 13:33:33 GMT 2005
	Refactoring to make parts of the code re-usable for other keyword
	matching needs. Keep the XS specific functions in ExtUtils::Constant
	Move the helper functions to ExtUtils::Constant::Utils
	Turn the generic functions into methods in ExtUtils::Constant::Base,
	with overrides in ExtUtils::Constant::XS for the existing use.
	Move ExtUtils::Constant::Aaargh56Hash into its own file.
	Add "weight" facility. Sorting keyword ordering with this gained
	another 10% speedup on Perl_keyword. This makes me wonder if second
	level switching would be a win.
	Add two examples of subclassing in the examples/ directory.