Revision history for Perl extension Devel::Size.

0.78_52 2013-05-10 nicholas
 * Fix the bug in the previous fix. Oops :-)

0.78_51 2013-05-10 nicholas
 * v5.17.1 and later handle CopSTASH differently under ithreads

0.78_50 2013-05-10 nicholas
 * Alternative test for CvOUTSIDE, and one for CvPADLIST
 * v5.17 changes the type of PADLIST [CPAN #83904]
 * stubbed subs no longer have CvOUTSIDE set [CPAN #77913]
 * Fix for v5.17.2's OP slab allocator [CPAN #83903]
 * Spelling fix to docs from gregor herrmann [CPAN #78766]

0.78 2012-07-26 nicholas
 [no changes]

0.77_51 2012-07-17 nicholas
 * Fix for MSVC builds from bulk 88 [CPAN #77589]

0.77_50 2012-02-10 nicholas
 * t/globs.t was failing on 5.15.6 and later due to side effects of a change
   to [CPAN #73998]
 * skip tests in t/magic.t that use formline on 5.8.1 and 5.8.2, as those
   versions have a buggy formline that can trigger an assertion failure.

0.77 2011-05-16 nicholas
 [no changes]

0.76_50 2011-05-12 nicholas
 * Split out HEK size calculation into hek_size(). Add the shared HE overhead.
 * Handle shared hash key scalars correctly.
 * GvNAME() is shared from 5.10 onwards.
 * Count HvNAME(), the HV "aux" struct, the mro_meta struct, and ENAMEs.

0.76 2011-05-11 nicholas
 * Just fix the version number in the line below.

0.75_52 2011-05-09 nicholas
 * Use a table for SV body sizes. These incorporate the space saving post 5.8.x
 * Correctly handle SvOOK scalars. 5.12 and later don't use SvIVX().
 * Magic vtables aren't freed when magic is freed, so don't count them.
   (They are static structures. Anything that assumes otherwise is buggy.)
 * Reinstate 5.6.x "support". (i.e. it compiles and passes tests.)
 * Reinstate 5.005_xx "support". (i.e. it compiles and passes tests.)

0.75_51 2011-05-05 nicholas
 * Only use a static array of vtables on gcc.

0.75_50 2011-05-04 nicholas
 * The core's magic vtables are global constants, so aren't part of the size.
 * Follow mg_obj and mg_ptr.

0.75 2011-05-04 nicholas
 [no changes]

0.74_53 2011-05-01 nicholas
 * Fix typo error in bit-vector tracking mechanism. On 64 bit platforms which
   allocate on 8 byte alignment (rather than 16), a low pointer bit could get
   lost, resulting in new pointers being considered already "seen".
   "Found" by BinGOs' smoker, fixed on Thanks.

0.74_52 2011-04-23 nicholas
 * Fix potential SEGVs for OP_AELEMFAST on a lexical (eg $foo[3])
 * Fix likely SEGVs for PVOPs (missing break)
 * Fix potential SEGVs for PVBMs on 5.10 and later
 * Move hash and array traversal from total_size() to sv_size()
   - this allows total_size() and size() to be XS ALIASes.

0.74_51 2011-04-22 nicholas
 * Don't count PL_sv_{undef,no,yes} in the size returned
 * total_size() was double-counting entries in typeglobs
 * sv_size() was double-counting the PVGV size if GvEGV() looped back
 * fix classic off-by-one error - the answer is strlen() + 1, not just strlen()

0.74_50 2011-04-19 nicholas
 * Ensure that size() doesn't add the referent's size for non SVt_RV references

0.74 2011-04-19 nicholas
 * Correct the Makefile.PL - LICENSE was added to ExtUtils::MakeMaker in 6.31

0.73_51 2011-04-17 nicholas
 * Refactor the C code to accumulate the size inside the tracking structure
   - this means that the C *_size() functions now return void
   - The XS functions size() and total_size() now return UV, not IV

0.73_50 2011-04-17 nicholas
 * Avoid using assert() on ithreaded 5.8.8 and earlier, as it needs my_perl
 * Fix the test added in 0.73, as it tripped over a combination of bugs

0.73 2011-04-16 nicholas
 * Revert a bad assertion introduced in 0.72_50, which was logically wrong.
   - and a test to demonstrate one case that would trigger it

0.72_52 2011-04-15 nicholas
 * Add a test for the non-exceptional warnings.

0.72_51 2011-04-15 nicholas
 * Add PERL_NO_GET_CONTEXT to improve performance under multiplicity

0.72_50 2011-04-14 nicholas
 * Exception handling is totally MSVC specific, so only use it there
   - this means that we don't need to use a C++ compiler anywhere
 * Rework bit-vector tracking mechanism to use a 256-way tree. This avoids
   making assumptions about 64-bit platforms' memory layouts, and eliminates
   the fatal error introduced in 0.72 when the assumption was violated.
 * Convert to XSLoader
 * Resolve CPAN #49437 (Devel::Size adds magic in Perl 5.10)
 * Resolve CPAN #58484 and #58485 (related to CVs that are XSUBs)

0.72 2008-10-14 BrowserUk 70 tests
 * Added bit-vector pointer tracking mechanism.
   - new fatal error (64-bit platforms only)
 * Added exception handling
    - 4 new warnings (disabled by default)
 * Updated POD to reflect above
 * Added basic.t test 13 
 * replaced Module::Install with hand crafted EU::MM
   (With many thanks to Sisyphus)
   because we couldn't work out how to add C++ options to allow 
   exception handling.

0.71 2008-08-24 Tels 69 tests
  * adapt patch from Reini Urban to fix failing RV under 5.10 and 5.11. AV
    and HV were pushed directly onto the pending_array, and not the RV,
    which caused #33530. So he rewrote the logic to deref the RV inside
    the array traversal. Applied this with one small omission, which
    caused test faiures.
  * Fixed 5.11 RV/IV logic. (Thanx Reini Urban!)
  * Removed one duplicate total_size arrayref test. (Thanx Reini Urban!)
  * changed //printf to dbg_printf() (Thanx Reini again!)

0.70 2008-08-23 Tels 69 tests
  * fix SEGFAULTS under v5.10 (Thanx Reini Urban!)
  * fix compilation under blead (Thanx Reini Urban!)
  * require Perl 5.006 (to stop CPANTESTERS sending bogus reports
    about failed compiling on ancient Perls)
  * update the bundles Module::Install to v0.77

0.69 2007-08-11 Tels 69 tests
  * fix compilation under Perl v5.9.5 and v5.10 (Thanx Steve Peters!)
  * clarify the license by specifying Perl v5.8.8's license
  * small doc fixes, add a README file

0.68 2007-06-12 Tels 69 tests
  * remove a bit of duplicate code in op_size, the second instance
    was a no-op anyway
  * fix the failing tests by rewriting the test logic to be sane
  * the count of array slots was off by one

0.67 2007-03-15 Tels 20 tests
  * rip out Build.PL since it doesn't actually work
  * fix bug #1653: All SVPV subtype may contain an RV instead of a PV
    (Thanx a lot Jan, and sorry for the truly horrible long delay!)
  * fix bug #24846: Does not correctly recurse into references in PVNV
    (Thanx STEVIEO)
  * add t/recurse.t that tests the two bugfixes in combination

0.66 2007-03-02 Tels 15 tests
  * fix the failing test (the code was right, but the test wrong)

0.65 2007-02-24 Tels 15 tests
  * fix the test failings under 64 bit (bugs #21037, #18596, #21404)
  * fix wrong size for strings (bug #17586)
  * reverse Changelog (bug #16636)
  * Size.xs: remove unused variable "count"
  * Size.xs: fix warnings about missing ()
  * Size.xs: fix size of array refs when AvALLOC == 0
  * Modernize package:
    + maintained by me, signed with my key
    + bundle Module::Install and use it
    + add POD tests
    + rewrite tests to use Test::More; add more tests

0.64  Mon Dec 19 18:46:00 2005
        - Patch to make Devel::Size compile on bleadperl (Courtesy of
      Nick Clark)
    - Fix up the PVIV string size calcs (Courtesy of Andrew Shirrayev)

0.63  Thu Jun 30 14:29:43 2005
        - Turns out that OP_TRANS is a basic op, not a loop op. This
      is a bug in versions of perl 5.8.x before 5.8.7. Work around

0.62  Tue Jun 28 11:59:00 2005
        - Took out // comments
    - Added in copyright notice
    - Some small amount of regex parsing
    - Suppress multiple copies of each warning on each call

0.61  Mon Jun 27 16:19:00 2005
        - Added more checks for formats
    - Got CVs sizing right

0.59  Sat Nov 27 16:42:42 2004
        - Applied documentation and sane warning patch from Nigel Sandever
        - Taught Devel::Size how to size up IO and globs properly

0.58  Fri Jul 18 11:42:32 2003
        - Fix for problems triggered by perl 5.8.0 and up, more tests, and
      removal of an "our" for better backwards compatibility. (Courtesy
      of Marcus Holland-Moritz <>)

0.57  Thu Mar 20 13:21:14 2003
        - setting $Devel::Size::warn to 0 disables not complete warnings

0.56  Mon Feb 24 12:10:13 2003
        - Chopped out some C++ comments. D'oh! Version incremented for CPAN

0.55  Sat Feb 22 17:21:00 2003
        - Fixed a bad size calculation (we were overestimating by one byte)
    - Updated the docs to show some of the places that there might be 'dark'
      memory that Devel::Size can't see.
    - Added in tests from Ken Williams

0.54  Sat Oct 12 14:11:00 2002
    - Applied a patch to get it working on 5.8.0 under Tru64

0.53  Thu Oct 10 12:30:00 2002
        - Finally started updating Changes file
    - Applied doc patch from Ann Barcomb
    - Got globs sizing right

0.01  Mon Oct  7 01:05:32 2002
    - original version; created by h2xs 1.2 with options
        -A -n Devel::Size