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Author image Nicholas Clark

Changes for version 0.72_52 - 2111-04-15

  • Add a test for the non-exceptional warnings.

Changes for version 0.72_51 - 2111-04-15

  • Add PERL_NO_GET_CONTEXT to improve performance under multiplicity

Changes for version 0.72_50 - 2011-04-14

  • Exception handling is totally MSVC specific, so only use it there
    • this means that we don't need to use a C++ compiler anywhere
  • Rework bit-vector tracking mechanism to use a 256-way tree. This avoids making assumptions about 64-bit platforms' memory layouts, and eliminates the fatal error introduced in 0.72 when the assumption was violated.
  • Convert to XSLoader
  • Resolve CPAN #49437 (Devel::Size adds magic in Perl 5.10)
  • Resolve CPAN #58484 and #58485 (related to CVs that are XSUBs)


Perl extension for finding the memory usage of Perl variables