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Changes - public release history for Data::Dumper


2.181 (May 25 2021)

No changes from previous dev release.

2.180_53 (May 25 2021)

Fix Makefile.PL to install to "perl" for 5.10.x and earlier (CPAN #12282)

2.180_52 (May 24 2021)

Remove no longer needed compatibility shims, and use ppport.h whenever possible.

2.180_51 (May 23 2021)

Convert dumper.t to Test::More and eliminate a lot of test code duplication.

2.180_50 (May 22 2021)

Data::Dumper now requires Perl v5.8.1 or later.

2.180 (May 17 2021)

No changes from previous dev release.

2.179_50 (May 14 2021)

Data::Dumper handles Unicode regex corner cases (GH #18614, GH #18764)

2.179 (May 13 2021)

Revert the changes of 2.177 for the v5.34.0 release to avoid a regression.

2.178 (Apr 7 2021)

Correct documentation of indent Style 2.

2.177 (Mar 3 2021)

Make Data::Dumper mark regex output as UTF-8 if needed. (GH #18614)

2.176 (Sep 30 2020)

Make Data::Dumper strict and warnings compliant.

2.175 (Aug 13 2020)

Avoid some leaks if we call get magic and that throws an exception.

2.174 (Apr 3 2019)

Avoid leaking if we croak due to excessive recursion.

2.173 (Nov 10 2018)

perl #133624: Reinstate support for 5.8.8 and older.

2.172 (Sep 19 2018)

Prepare recent changes for CPAN release

2.171 (Apr 21 2018)

Restore deparsing support in the XS dumper, on Perl 5.18 and earlier

Test fixes on older Perl versions (notably, skip tests for Unicode glob names on Perl 5.14 and earlier, which had incomplete support for Unicode in globs)

2.170 (Jan 10 2018)

Fix bug when dumping globs with quoting (which now happens for all Unicode glob names)

Internal change: use strlcpy(), for safety

2.169 (Dec 12 2017)

Behavior change: $dumper->Useqq(undef) is now treated as setting the "useqq" option, not getting it (and similarly for other options) [perl #113090]

2.168 (Dec 1, 2017)

perl #119831: Quote glob names better; notably, Unicode globs are now handled correctly

2.167_02 (Aug 4 2017)

Attempt to work around XS deparse issues on old perls. According to the few old perls at my disposure, this now repairs, for example 5.18, but 5.8.9 still barfs. My debugging hasn't really come up with much since all changes other than the deparse change look benign to me. Can someone who uses ancient perls please step up and take a look? --Steffen

2.167_01 (Jul 31 2017)

CPAN dev release with the accumulated changes from core perl.

2.166 (Nov 29 2016)

Reduce memory usage by not importing from Carp Reduce memory usage by removing unused overload require.

2.165 (Nov 20 2016)

Remove impediment to compiling under C++11.

2.164 (Nov 12 2016)

The XS implementation now handles the Deparse option, so using it no longer forces use of the pure-Perl version.

2.161 (Jul 11 2016)

Perl 5.12 fix/workaround until fixed PPPort release.

Pre-5.12 fixes for test dependency.

2.160 (Jul 3 2016)

Now handles huge inputs on 64bit perls.

Add Trailingcomma option. This is as suggested in RT#126813.

Significant refactoring of XS implementation.

Pure Perl implementation fixes in corner cases ("\n" dumped raw").

2.154 (Sep 18 2014)

Most notably, this release fixes CVE-2014-4330:

  Don't recurse infinitely in Data::Dumper

  Add a configuration variable/option to limit recursion when dumping
  deep data structures.
  This patch addresses CVE-2014-4330.  This bug was found and
  reported by: LSE Leading Security Experts GmbH employee Markus

On top of that, there are several minor big fixes and improvements, see "git log" if the core perl distribution for details.

2.151 (Mar 7 2014)

A "useqq" implementation for the XS version of Data::Dumper.

Better compatibility wrt. hash key quoting between PP and XS versions of Data::Dumper.

EBCDIC fixes.

64bit safety fixes (for very large arrays).

Build fixes for threaded perls.

clang warning fixes.

Warning fixes in tests on older perls.

Typo fixes in documentation.

2.145 (Mar 15 2013)

Test refactoring and fixing wide and far.

Various old-perl compat fixes.

2.143 (Feb 26 2013)

Address vstring related test failures on 5.8: Skip tests for obscure case.

Major improvements to test coverage and significant refactoring.

Make Data::Dumper XS ignore Freezer return value. Fixes RT #116364.

Change call of isALNUM to equivalent but more clearly named isWORDCHAR

2.139 (Dec 12 2012)

Supply an explicit dynamic_config => 0 in META

Properly list BUILD_REQUIRES prereqs (P5-RT#116028)

Some optimizations. Removed useless "register" declarations.

2.136 (Oct 04 2012)

Promote to stable release.

Drop some "register" declarations.

2.135_07 (Aug 06 2012)

Use the new utf8 to code point functions - fixing a potential reading buffer overrun.

Data::Dumper: Sparseseen option to avoid building much of the seen hash: This has been measured to, in some cases, provide a 50% speed-up

Dumper.xs: Avoid scan_vstring on 5.17.3 and up

Avoid a warning from clang when compiling Data::Dumper

Fix DD's dumping of qr|\/|

Data::Dumper's Perl implementation was not working with overloaded blessed globs, which it thought were strings.

Allow Data::Dumper to load on miniperl

2.135_02 (Dec 29 2011)

Makes DD dump *{''} properly.

[perl #101162] DD support for vstrings: Support for vstrings to Data::Dumper, in both Perl and XS implementations.

2.135_01 (Dec 19 2011)

Make Data::Dumper UTF8- and null-clean with GVs.

In Dumper.xs, use sv_newmortal() instead of sv_mortalcopy(&PL_sv_undef) for efficiency.

Suppress compiler warning

Keep verbatim pod in Data::Dumper within 80 cols

2.131 (May 27 2011)

Essentially the same as version 2.130_02, but a production release.

2.130_03 (May 20 2011)

Essentially the same as version 2.130_02, but a CPAN release for the eventual 2.131.


This was only shipped with the perl core, never released to CPAN.

Convert overload.t to Test::More

Fix some spelling errors

Fix some compiler warnings

Fix an out of bounds write in Data-Dumper with malformed utf8 input

2.130 (Nov 20 2010)

Dumpxs can now handle malformed UTF-8.

2.129 (Oct 20 2010)

Dumpxs no longer crashes with globs returned by *$io_ref [perl #72332].

2.128 (Sep 10 2010)

Promote previous release to stable version with the correct version.

2.127 (Sep 10 2010)

Promote previous release to stable version.

2.126_01 (Sep 6 2010)

Port core perl changes e3ec2293dc, fe642606b19. Fixes core perl RT #74170 (handle the stack changing in the custom sort functions) and adds a test.

2.126 (Apr 15 2010)

Fix Data::Dumper's Fix Terse(1) + Indent(2): perl-RT #73604: When $Data::Dumper::Terse is true, the indentation is thrown off. It appears to be acting as if the $VAR1 = is still there.

2.125 (Aug 8 2009)

CPAN distribution fixes (meta information for META.yml).

2.124 (Jun 13 2009)

Add three missing test files.

2.123 (Jun 11 2009)

Re-add the INSTALLDIRS => 'perl' directive to Makefile.PL of the CPAN release.

2.122 (Jun 9 2009)

Promote previous developer release to stable release.

2.121_20 (Jun 6 2009)

A host of bug fixes and improvements that have accumulated in the perl core

Updated backport to 5.6.1 by Steffen Mueller <smueller@cpan.org>.

2.121 (Aug 24 2003)

Backport to 5.6.1 by Ilya Martynov <ilya@martynov.org>.

2.11 (unreleased)

0 is now dumped as such, not as '0'.

qr// objects are now dumped correctly (provided a post-5.005_58) overload.pm exists).

Implemented $Data::Dumper::Maxdepth, which was on the Todo list. Thanks to John Nolan <jpnolan@Op.Net>.

2.101 (30 Apr 1999)

Minor release to sync with version in 5.005_03. Fixes dump of dummy coderefs.

2.10 (31 Oct 1998)

Bugfixes for dumping related undef values, globs, and better double quoting: three patches suggested by Gisle Aas <gisle@aas.no>.

Escaping of single quotes in the XS version could get tripped up by the presence of nulls in the string. Fix suggested by Slaven Rezic <eserte@cs.tu-berlin.de>.

Rather large scale reworking of the logic in how seen values are stashed. Anonymous scalars that may be encountered while traversing the structure are properly tracked, in case they become used in data dumped in a later pass. There used to be a problem with the previous logic that prevented such structures from being dumped correctly.

Various additions to the testsuite.

2.09 (9 July 1998)

Implement $Data::Dumper::Bless, suggested by Mark Daku <daku@nortel.ca>.

2.081 (15 January 1998)

Minor release to fix Makefile.PL not accepting MakeMaker args.

2.08 (7 December 1997)

Glob dumps don't output superflous 'undef' anymore.

Fixes from Gisle Aas <gisle@aas.no> to make Dumper() work with overloaded strings in recent perls, and his new testsuite.

require 5.004.

A separate flag to always quote hash keys (on by default).

Recreating known CODE refs is now better supported.

Changed flawed constant SCALAR bless workaround.

2.07 (7 December 1996)

Dumpxs output is now exactly the same as Dump. It still doesn't honor Useqq though.

Regression tests test for identical output and eval-ability.

Bug in *GLOB{THING} output fixed.

Other small enhancements.

2.06 (2 December 1996)

Bugfix that was serious enough for new release--the bug cripples MLDBM. Problem was "Attempt to modify readonly value..." failures that stemmed for a misguided SvPV_force() instead of a SvPV().)

2.05 (2 December 1996)

Fixed the type mismatch that was causing Dumpxs test to fail on 64-bit platforms.

GLOB elements are dumped now when Purity is set (using the *GLOB{THING} syntax).

The Freezer option can be set to a method name to call before probing objects for dumping. Some applications: objects with external data, can re-bless themselves into a transitional package; Objects the maintain ephemeral state (like open files) can put additional information in the object to facilitate persistence.

The corresponding Toaster option, if set, specifies the method call that will revive the frozen object.

The Deepcopy flag has been added to do just that.

Dumper does more aggressive cataloging of SCALARs encountered within ARRAY/HASH structures. Thanks to Norman Gaywood <norm@godel.une.edu.au> for reporting the problem.

Objects that overload the '""' operator are now handled properly by the Dump method.

Significant additions to the testsuite.

More documentation.

2.04beta (28 August 1996)

Made dump of glob names respect Useqq setting.

[@$%] are now escaped now when in double quotes.

2.03beta (26 August 1996)

Fixed Dumpxs. It was appending trailing nulls to globnames. (reported by Randal Schwartz <merlyn@teleport.com>).

Calling the Indent() method on a dumper object now correctly resets the internal separator (reported by Curt Tilmes <curt@ltpmail.gsfc.nasa.gov>).

New Terse option to suppress the 'VARn = ' prefix introduced. If the option is set, they are output only when absolutely essential.

The Useqq flag is supported (but not by the XSUB version yet).

Embedded nulls in keys are now handled properly by Dumpxs.

Dumper.xs now use various integer types in perl.h (should make it compile without noises on 64 bit platforms, although I haven't been able to test this).

All the dump methods now return a list of strings in a list context.

2.02beta (13 April 1996)

Non portable sprintf usage in XS code fixed (thanks to Ulrich Pfeifer <pfeifer@charly.informatik.uni-dortmund.de>).

2.01beta (10 April 1996)

Minor bugfix (single digit numbers were always getting quoted).

2.00beta (9 April 1996)

Dumpxs is now the exact XSUB equivalent of Dump. The XS version is 4-5 times faster.

require 5.002.

MLDBM example removed (as its own module, it has a separate CPAN reality now).

Fixed bugs in handling keys with wierd characters. Perl can be tripped up in its implicit quoting of the word before '=>'. The fix: Data::Dumper::Purity, when set, always triggers quotes around hash keys.

Andreas Koenig <k@anna.in-berlin.de> pointed out that handling octals is busted. His patch added.

Dead code removed, other minor documentation fixes.

1.23 (3 Dec 1995)

MLDBM example added.

Several folks pointed out that quoting of ticks and backslashes in strings is missing. Added.

Ian Phillipps <ian@pipex.net> pointed out that numerics may lose precision without quotes. Fixed.

1.21 (20 Nov 1995)

Last stable version I can remember.