* refactor create and totext into non ::CLI components

* better filtering for create command (subject, etc)

* docs

* a catalyst based in-the-browser editor (low priority)

* http://www.xray.mpe.mpg.de/mailing-lists/ support (downloading, linking)

* http://nntp.perl.org/groups support (linking, via nntp msgid search ->
  article number)

* the 'scrub' command to auto hide threads, clean subjects, etc

* switch the HTML generator to use HTML::Element based templating, and allow
  post processing (extract body, strip divs, etc) with the --small and --body

* make the HTML output skip lists with only hidden threads

* fix the totext bullet rewrapping by making a Text::Quoted like module for
  parsing bullets (Text::Autoformat is just too insane)

* CLI global option --home (defaults to ~/.mailsum)

* document ~/.mailsum/config in Tools.pm

* document NNTP downloader's semantics

* document mailsum itself

* make NNTP downloader save parsed date headers (datetime objects), and save
  with Storable (for more compact storage - the YAML file is pretty big), split
  up per server and then group in dirs.