Class::Workflow::State::TransitionHash - Implement transition metadata with a hash.


        package MyState;
        use Moose;

        with qw/Class::Workflow::State::TransitionHash/;


This is a concrete role that implements transitions, has_transition and has_transitions as required by Class::Workflow::State, and adds add_transitions, remove_transitions, clear_transitions , get_transitions, and get_transition as well.

Transition storage is implemented internally with Set::Object.

This is an additional layer over Class::Workflow::State::TransitionSet that requires all transitions to respond to the name method, but as a bonus allows you to refer to your transitions by name or by value.


See Class::Workflow::State::TransitionSet and Class::Workflow::State.

get_transition $name
get_transitions @names

These methods allow you to pass in either a name or an object, and always get back an object (unless the transition by that name does not exist, in which case you get an undefined value).