This directory contains demonstration scripts for the Net::DNS
module.  To read the manual page for a particular program,
run the command "perldoc program-name".

axfr		Performs a zone transfer and stores the zone in a
		file.  If a zone file already exists, axfr reads
		the file instead of performing a zone transfer.
		Requires the Storable module (available on CPAN).

check_soa	Perl version of the check_soa program presented
		in _DNS and BIND_ by Paul Albitz & Cricket Liu.

		Also see the check_soa version in the Contrib
		directory which is an fires off the queries in

check_zone	Checks a zone for errors like missing PTR records.
		Can recurse into subdomains.  See also a hacked
		version in contrib/check_zone.

mresolv		Performs multiple DNS queries in parallel.

mx		Prints a domain's MX records sorted by preference.

perldig		Performs DNS queries and print the results.

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