+complete magic manipulation for Python objects entering perl
+add __getattr__ method to modify evaluation flags for PerlSub_object:
 f = perl.mysub; f.flags = f.G_EVAL | f.G_SCALAR | f.G_DISCARD 
+support method call syntax in PerlSub_object
+add "special" functions for perl: eval(), print(), use()
+add Inline::Python::loadpkg("python package")
 => done: Inline::Python::py_bind_class()
+make auto-binding to perl packages work properly.
+make py_eval return the results of running the code, not 1 or 0

-make perlmodule.c work alone, as a Python extension module
-add special case for constructors, to pass the package name as the first
 argument. How easy is that to discover?
-write documentation about the perlmodule in Python-land
-add the ability for perl.eval to evaluate in "main" package, and perl.Foo.eval
 to evaluate in the "main::Foo" package. Could be very useful?
-add check for whether perl is threaded to Makefile.PL. Python is always 
 threaded, so it should add -lpthread to the build if Perl isn't built with
 ithreads. Only if the auto-discovery failed.
-add an option to generate Perl bytecode directly (must be specified by the