Colloquy::Data - Read Colloquy 1.3 and 1.4 data files


 use Data::Dumper;
 use Colloquy::Data qw(:all);
 my $colloquy_datadir = "/home/system/colloquy/data";
 #my ($users_hashref,$lists_hashref) = users($colloquy_datadir);
 my ($lists_hashref,$users_hashref) = lists($colloquy_datadir);
 print "Users: ".Dumper($users);
 print "Lists: ".Dumper($lists);


This module munges the users.lua and lists.lua (Colloquy 1.3x) files in to executable perl code which is then evaluated. Colloquy 1.4 uses a seperate LUA file for each user and list, which are located in the users and lists directories in the Colloquy data directory. These files are read one by one and evaluated in the same way.

This module compiles and execute the Colloquy data files in restricted compartments using the Safe module. Even so, this module should be used with caution if you cannot gaurentee the integrity of the user and list LUA files. The module will issue a warning complaining about world writable permissions if $^W warnings.



 my ($users_hashref,$lists_hashref) = users($colloquy_datadir);

Returns users and lists hash references, in that order.


 my ($lists_hashref,$users_hashref) = lists($colloquy_datadir);

Returns lists and users hash references, in that order.

SEE ALSO, Apache2::AuthColloquy


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Nicola Worthington <>


Copyright 2005,2006 Nicola Worthington.

This software is licensed under The Apache Software License, Version 2.0.