Test::DBIx::Class::SchemaManager::Trait::SQLite - The Default Role


The default Storage trait which provides the ability to deploy to a SQLite database. It also sets some %ENV and or configuration options that you can use to specify alternative database setup.

In addition to the documented %ENV settings, this Trait adds the following:


Defaults to ':memory:' to create an in memory database. Provide a string suitable for the "dbname=XXX" part of your connect string. Typically this should be the path to a location on the filesystem you want the datbase file to be stored.

Please note that this file will automatically be deleted unless you have specified to 'keep_db' in the config or via the $ENV{KEEP_DB} setting.

Also note that if you specify a path that already exists, we will automatically add the option 'force_drop_table', on the assumption you are roundtripping tests to the same database file. This way you can avoid having to specifically tell the system to delete the file each time.


John Napiorkowski <>


Tristan Pratt


Copyright 2009, John Napiorkowski <>

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.