This file documents the revision history for Perl extension Test-DBIx-Class.

0.52 17 November 2016

    - Add support for default_resultset_attributes schema setting

0.51 17 November 2016

    - Updated documentation for fixture_path
    - Fixed bug to add more than a single resultset from a hash

0.50 14 November 2016

    - Switched croak to die to prevent error info from being lost (#42).
    - Fix for SQLite dsn parsing oddity (#42).

0.49 02 November 2016

    - General release after no problems with developer release.

0.48_01 27 October 2016

    - Switch to Test::Postgresql58 to retain Perl 5.8 support
      with Postgres.

0.47 22 February 2016

    - Added support for deploy_opts->*->sources.

0.46 22 February 2016

    - Allow dropping of real views created. (VadimPushtaev)

0.45 03 October 2015
    - Another test fix

0.44 02 October 2015
    - Test fixes (colinnewell)

0.43 03 November 2014
    - Documentation fixes (felliot)
    - bug fixes in the mysql trait (felliot)
    - quiet down Postgresql pointless warnings (felliot)
    - fix RT 75247 (felliot)
    - Fixed bad test cases (felliot)
    - Replaced Test::Postgresql dependency with Test::PostgreSQL for those
      wanting to test Postgres. (colinnewell)

0.42 13 Aug 2014
    - Fixed issue where a resultset isn't properly 'reset'
    - documentation improvements

0.41 21 Jan 2014
    - Change Moose load_class() (now deprecated) to Module::Runtime use_module()

0.40 30 May 2013
    - Add a dependency when using Postgresql so that Pg tests complete
      properly (felliott++)

0.39 15 April 2013
    - New Options to better control how SQLT is configured.  (mattp++)
    - don't forget to finish you taxes (USA only)

0.38 30 November 2012
    - New feature: You can now fail instead of skipping a test if the
      schema fails to initialize and connect. (colinnewell++)

0.37 07 November 2012
    - More typo fixes (oalders++)

0.36 06 November 2012
    - POD updates (oalders++)
    - updated contributors
    - don't forget to vote!

0.35 05 November 2012
    - ::Example::Schema::Result::Person's email column is now nullable as
      intended (abraxxa++)

0.34 05 July 2012
    - new configure option to let you specify a pre-existing $schema, rather
      than let Test::DBIx::Class build one for you.  Might be useful in sub
      tests or when you want to use it with a web framework. (bphillips++)

0.33 21 May 2012
    - fixed typo in Makefile.PL which Perl 5.16.0 is actually noticing

0.32 18 April 2012
    - Made drop statement configurable and made the Postgres trait do a
      drop ... cascade to ensure all tables are dropped cleanly. (colinnewell++)

0.31 12 March 2012
    - Documentation fixes (Volker++)

0.30 18 January 2012
    - New feature connect_opts that lets you customize DBIC connection options
    - Less noisy output during tests
    - documentation improvments
    - lecstor++

0.29 15 December 2011
    - New option to enable verbose debugging output.  Now, by default you
      should have more clean test output.  If you want the old, verbose test
      output set env TDBC_DEBUG=1 when running the tests. (lecstor++)

0.28 13 December 2011
    - POSSIBLE BACKCOMPAT BREAKAGE: We now randomize the port under which an
      instance of mysql is created, to help better support replication and
      parallel testing.  As a result you can't rely on the starting port for
      your custom tests, should you wish it.  We also now insert the port
      into the tmp directory path where your instance of mysql is running so
      that we can better support parallel testing.  If you used to rely on 
      using KEEP_DB and reusing a database at a given path your code may not
      work.  Please let the authors know if this is causing you trouble.
    - for the mysql trait, we now control the temporary directory where the
      instance of mysql is created, if you choose to let us make one.  This
      means temporary directories created this way will properly support the
      KEEP_DB option, and we can do a better job of cleaning up
    - support new tmpdir option in Test::mysqld (lecstor++)
    - As a result of above changes, I feel that support for mysql native
      replication is no longer alpha code.  I still reserve the right to make
      changes required to make this stable, but I think those changes should
      be smaller in the future.
    - documentation for above
    - Added replication stress testing to test suite
0.27 04 December 2011
    - Randomize the starting port for when we create an instance of mysql.
      This solves a problem where sometimes when doing parallel testing we 
      port collisions. (lecstor++)
    - forward support for controlling a temporary directory location in mysql
      (support pending in test::mysql so we won't document feature for now.

0.26 22 November 2011
    - A tweak to prevent errors when cleaning up and the schema has disappeared
    - New Feature: Preserve existing DB rather than deploy from scratch each
      test case.  Can speed things up when your fixtures are consistent.  See
      docs and test cases (yanick++)

0.25 21 October 2011
    - A tweak to the documentation on how to silence some warnings when using
      Postgresql (wlk++)

0.24 05 October 2011
    - Some changes to the way my build/installer works, that hopefully solves
      a problem when installing using at least some versions of cpanplus.
    - Release in memory of Steve Jobs (1955 - 2011).

0.23 28 September 2011
    - Patch from richard.foley++ who also submitted the RT bug
      ( to make some
      types of errors in the cleanup not cause cleanup to fail in a messy

0.22 22 August 2011
    - Documentation prefers the arrayref and not the hashref form when
      installing fixtures.  We will leave support for both in code for
      now to support backcompat, but at some point will warning and
      eventually remove.  (hippich++)

0.21 02 June 2011
    - Fixed a bug when the test is named 'schema.t'

0.20 28 March 2011
    - Patch to cope with virtual views (colinnewell++)
    - updated the author maint stuff
    - stop the slave (in case it's running) before changing it)

0.19 02 March 2011
    - applied patch to fix bug in reporting error messages when using the
      PopulateMore fixture command.  (mjg++)
    - update copyright info

0.18 07 December 2010
    - Changed Makefile.PL and related toolchain stuff to reflect my more
      current practice
    - removed ";" from drop tables command so this works with more DBs

0.17 07 November 2010
    - Fixed a bug in Test::DBIx::Class::Types that prevented you from using the
      4 argument version of 'connect_info' (reported by Colin Newell)
    - Made some trivial reformatting of documentation that suits my current
      formatting standards.  Split up the Makefile into install and developer
      versions as part of a test to see if this could work better.

0.16 30 October 2010
    - added a bit to make sure we disambiguate column names in 'order by' by
      the table it is in, to solve namespace clash when two tables have the
      same column name.

0.15 28 September 2010
    - removed use MI:ManifestSkip since I'm not actually using it

0.14 27 September 2010
    - Replaced Test::Differences with Test::Deep in order to try and squash
      the false positive error reported on cpan.  I personally like the less
      noisy error output as well.
    - Use more modern stuff in the Makefile.PL so is more like my current
      automation process for developing and release cpan stuff.
    - fixed the way the postgresql trait works so that it work on 9.0

0.13 30 August 2010
    - Well, I guess I shouldn't blame Data::Dumper on my test failures :)
    - Specifying more dependencies to try and narrow down failures.

0.12 27 August 2010
    - Force Data::Dumper version to modern version to solve the number 
      stringification bug.  Hopefully we can solve this in Test::Differences
      but this will stop bug reports for now.

0.11 25 August 2010
    - update dependencies and validate on recent Moose
    - hopefully fix most of the reported errors from cpan testers

    - New Functionality: MySQL Replication now supported.  Documention is
      lagging, if you are interested check out t/10-replication-mysql.t
    - Closed bug related controlling if database files are preserved or not
    - Bunched of typos fixed from various contributors.
    - tested on perl 5.12.0
    - New Contributors POD.  Please let me know if I missed you
    - Fixed bug where only one table would get loaded when using fixtures_ok
      and added tests.  (Tristan Pratt)
    - Diffs are now readable by humans when is_fixtures fails.  Changed uses
      of Test::More::is_deeply to Test::Differences::eq_or_diff so that the
      actual data structure contents are printed out instead of just
      "HASH(0x1008032b8)".  (Tristan Pratt)
    - Add feature to automatically load SQLite traits if connect_info's dsn
      appears to be of sqlite variety.  (Tristan Pratt)
    - Fixed bug where Traits::SQLite would not clean up your db even if keep_db
      was set to 0 if you specified the dbname inside connect_info's dsn. 
      (Tristan Pratt)

0.09  28 August 2009
    - New Functionality:  Added storage trait 'Testpostgresql' which works just
      like the 'Testmysql' except deploys to a test Postgresql database.
    - Changed some tests to prevent failures to install.
    - updated the Makefile.PL so that the support for Mysql and Postgresql is
    - New documentation to reflect the above.

0.08  27 August 2009
    - New Functionality:  Added storage trait 'Testmysql' which allows you
      to create a temporary test instance of mysql, deploy and test against
      it, and clean itself up afterward.  Now you can test against Mysql
      nearly as easily as SQLite.
    - Populating fixtures now wraps everything inside a transaction.
    - Fixed an error in the Example Schema, now Email is a varchar instead of
      an integer
    - Documentation and tests for all the above

0.07  26 August 2009
    - Create framework for 'pluggable' storage traits and migrated all the
      SQLite specific stuff to a SQLite trait.  This change will allow us
      to add traits to test replication and other types of database setups.
    - Documentation and test improvements to reflect the above.
0.06  25 August 2009
    - Documentation additions related to overridding configuration via %ENV
    - Fixes to broken POD
    - Allows the option 'force_drop_table' to be set at configuration time
    - More completely documented ::SchemaManager options
    - Some additional (undocumented) features added to the exported subroutine
0.05  24 August 2009 @ 11::55::00 UTC
    - New Feature: Perform configuration file substitutions, similar to the way
      Catalyst::Plugin::ConfigLoader works.  Added tests and docs.

0.04  24 August 2009
    - Fixed some minor documentation typos and improved error reporting when a
      schema fails to deploy (we now properly report the actual error instead of
      silently dying).
    - New Feature: You can now set $ENV{TEST_DBIC_CONFIG_SUFFIX} to add more
      searchable paths when we are gathering and merging all the existing 
      configuration files.  See documentation for more.

0.03  23 August 2009
    - Reverted to a version of the Makefile that actually has all the 
      dependencies listed correctly.

0.02  21 August 2009 @ 18:33:20 UTC	
    - First usable version released.

0.01  21 August 2009
    - First usable version released.