Revision history for Jenkins-API

0.18      2021-05-22 08:50:23+01:00 Europe/London

        Remove leftover trailing spaces
        Fix indentation at some places
        Use HTTP status code constants and numeric comparison
        Increase test coverage
        Use delegation in Moo
        Add new method 'response_header' to access 'Location' after 'trigger_build_with_parameters'

0.17      2017-10-21 08:05:34+01:00 Europe/London

          Bumped Test2::Suite version to prevent test fail
          on 5.10.0

0.16      2017-10-03 13:15:02+01:00 Europe/London

          Removed debug statement.
          Added Travis tests for 5.10

0.15      2017-10-02 18:56:42+01:00 Europe/London

          Made git commit steps in build process more logical.

0.14      2017-10-02 18:48:24+01:00 Europe/London

          Making the release process more automatic.

0.13      2017-10-02 18:37:04+01:00 Europe/London

        Switched to Test2 explicitly.
        Updated build process to make better use of Dzil.
        Wired in Travis and coveralls.
        Increased test coverage.

0.12      2017-04-09 20:04:10+01:00 Europe/London

        Converted to Dzil to fix issue #18.

0.11    2015-01-23
        Added new method 'general_call' for arbitrary api calls.

0.10    2015-01-16
        Added new get_job_details method.
        [David Horner]

0.09    2015-01-15
        Added new view_status method.
        Improved documentation of authentication

0.08    2014-12-25
        Convert to Moo (Arthur Axel 'fREW' Schmidt)

0.07    2014-12-24
        Changed build calls to use POST method rather than GET as newer Jenkins 
        appear to require that now.  Older versions also appear to work with POST
        so this should not be an incompatible change.

0.06    2014-06-13
        Make _client lazy and preload modules
        [Piers Cawley]

0.05    2014-04-22
        Added support for Basic Authentication (now a common option for Jenkins)
        [Alex Kulbiy]

0.04    2013-09-10
        Minor Makefile clean up courtesy of David Steinbrunner

0.03    2013-02-15
        Added support for builds with parameters (Nick Hu)

0.02    2013-01-19
        First CPAN release.

0.01    2012-04-12
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.