Version 0.06 - 2021-10-09
  - Fix several bugs that made it impossible for 0.05 to have ever worked
    (despite the fact that it did work on several systems)
  - Fix broken test case when using recent Xlib built on XCB when testing
    on a X server lacking indirect rendering support.
  - Upgrade to back-end C API of X11::Xlib 0.22

Version 0.05 - 2018-06-06
  - Fix bugs in previous that broke error reporting

Version 0.04 - 2018-06-06
  - Remove runtime dependency on OpenGL module, so that OpenGL::Modern
    may be used instead.  (OpenGL still required for test cases)

Version 0.03 - 2017-07-16
  - Most GLX_ constants are exportable now
  - GLXFBConfig (and related functions) support
  - Tighter integration with X11::Xlib, giving all objects ->display attr
  - More test cases with better feature-detection of server
  - ::DWIM module now uses FBConfig setup by default, when available
  - More "DWIM" in ::DWIM module

Version 0.02 - 2017-04-07
  - Corrrected "configure requires" prereqs in META & Makefile.PL

Version 0.01 - 2017-04-07
  - Initial release, supporting basic glX and import_context extension
  - DWIM module for "making it go" with minimal effort.