Version 0.07 - 2022-06-04

  - Actual fix for iter->next_kv, only affects debug perls - GitHub #2
  - Explicitly require Scalar::Util

Version 0.06 - 2022-05-22

  - Possible fix for bug in iter->next_kv

Version 0.05 - 2021-11-20

  - Implement hseek
  - Fix more bugs in utf8 comparisons (should be really fixed this time)
  - Fix compilation on 32-bit platforms
  - util/ compares performance with other similar modules

Version 0.03 - 2021-11-18

  - New XS iterators, with lots of new methods: clone, key, value, index,
     tree, next_kv, next_keys, next_values, step, delete.
  - Iterators now automatically move to the next item if the current node
     gets removed from the tree.
  - Iterators now hold a strong reference to the tree.
  - TIEHASH interface, for those who want it.
  - More unit tests, more documentation.
  - Fixed compilation on 5.12, 5.10, 5.8 at the cost of correct UTF-8 cmp.

Version 0.02 - 2021-11-15

  - New CMP_NUMSPLIT comparison function
  - New get_node shortcuts: get_node_last, get_node_le, get_node_le_last,
     get_node_lt, get_node_ge, get_node_gt.
  - Code cleanup
  - Minor documentation fixes

Version 0.01 - 2021-11-15

  - Finished implementing almost all methods of Tree::RB
  - Renamed option 'compat_list_context' to 'compat_list_get'
    since it only affected the 'get' method.
  - Add tree methods: root, iter, rev_iter
  - Add node methods: tree, left_leaf, right_leaf, strip, as_lol
    min, max, successor, predecessor

Version 0.00_03 - 2021-11-14

  - KEY_TYPE_USTR now uses a correct unicode comparison function.
  - Added option 'compat_array_context'
  - Comparison functions can now be specified by enum constants
  - Added api methods get_all, iter, rev_iter
  - Delete now takes a second optional param to delete a range
  - Renamed exported constants LU_* to GET_*, and added GET_LE_LAST
    and GET_EQ_LAST to handle common cases for duplicate keys.
  - More unit tests
  - Much more documentation

Version 0.00_02 - 2021-11-13

  - Enhanced string-key performance using KEY_TYPE_BSTR and
    KEY_TYPE_USTR.  KEY_TYPE_STR is removed.
  - Various distribution fixes, documentation, etc.

Version 0.00_01 - 2021-11-12

  - Initial release, with partial compatibility to Tree::RB