2.00 - 2022-07-11
  - Fix timezone bug in 'datetime' and 'timestamp' methods.
  - New use option -retrieve_defaults applies retrieve_on_insert
    to all columns having default_value.

1.01 - 2021-02-17
  - No functional changes; fix dist dependency version requirements

1.00 - 2021-02-09
  - All new features added under ':V1' tag, with new mechanissm to
    preserve ':V0' API
  - All column declaration sugar functions pass-through the unused
    arguments, allowing fewer commas between sugar functions.
  - All postgres types support [] array notation
  - 'array' helper function for declaring postgres arrays
  - New types: money float float4 float8 double real uuid json jsonb
    MAX bit varbit tinyblob mediumblob longblob tinytext mediumtext
	longtext bytea
  - View declarations with 'view'
  - Index declarations: create_index, idx, sqlt_add_index,
    unique, sqlt_add_constraint
  - auto_inc now sets 'monotonic' flag (for sqlite)
  - New use options "-inflate_json" and "-inflate_datetime"

0.01 - 2019-05-05
  - Initial version, with :V0 tag