Revision history for Perl module enum

1.12 2021-08-04 NEILB
    - Fixed documentation bug RT#132219, with PR#1 from JJ Atria.
    - Switched to Dist::Zilla

1.11 2015-10-27 NEILB
    - Updated github repo URL after changing my github username

1.10 2014-08-16 NEILB
    - Added min perl version (5.006) to
    - Improved DESCRIPTION: reworded first paragraph to be a better summary,
      fixed formatting, and one typo.

1.09 2014-05-26 NEILB
    - Added some more modules to the SEE ALSO section
    - Various documentation improvements
    - Added github repo to the pod

1.08 2014-05-06 NEILB
    - Changed how the constants are defined, to deal with a change in 5.19.3
      "Closures of the form "sub () { $some_variable }" are no longer
       inlined, causing changes to the variable to be ignored by callers of
       the subroutine. [perl #79908]"
      RT#95387 - thanks to Slaven Rezic.
    - Changed use of \d to [0-9]

1.07 2014-04-10 NEILB
    - Playing with Devel::Cover, starting to improve coverage of testsuite
    - Added testsuite for hex and octal index values, and _ in long numbers
    - Added testsuite for bitmask wrap-around cases

1.06 2014-01-25 NEILB
    - Specified MIN_PERL_VERSION as 5.006 in Makefile.PL
    - Changed the COPYRIGHT section to COPYRIGHT AND LICENSE
      so Kwalitee / CPANTS would see it.
    - Added 'warnings' to PREREQ_PM

1.05 2013-09-06 NEILB
    - I'd got two versions wrong when merging the history information
      from the pod into Changes. As a result the previous release was
      failing conformance with CPAN::Changes::Spec

1.04 2013-09-05 NEILB
    - Bumped version so I can release, now the offending CORBA-IDL
      release has been deleted from CPAN.

1.03 2013-09-02 NEILB
    - Added links to enumeration modules in SEE ALSO section.
    - Failed to index, due to clash with Enum module in CORBA-IDL

1.02 2013-09-01 NEILB
    - Added links to other modules and my review, in SEE ALSO
    - Failed to index, due to clash with PAUSE permissions for Enum module

1.016_01 2013-08-27 NEILB
    - Neil Bowers (NEILB) has taken over maintenance from Byron (thanks Byron!)
    - Reformatted this file (Changes) as per CPAN::Changes::Spec
    - Some of the revision history was in this file, some was in the pod;
      I think I've merged them correctly.
    - Added licence and repository metadata to Makefile.PL

1.016 1999-05-27 ZENIN
    - Fixed bug that caused bitwise operators to treat enum types as strings
      instead of numbers.
    - Last release by ZENIN (Byron Brummer)

1.015 1999-05-22 ZENIN
    - Add support for negative values.
    - Added stricter hex value checks.

1.014 1999-05-13 15:58:18 ZENIN
    - Added support for non-decimal numeric representations
      ala 0x123, 0644, and 123_456.
    - First version committed to CVS.
    - Fixed bug in hex index code that broke on 0xA.

1.013 1999-05-13 10:52:30 ZENIN
    - Fixed auto-index bugs in new non-decimal numeric support.

1.012 1999-05-13 10:00:45 ZENIN
    - Added support for non-decimal numeric representations
      ala 0x123, 0644, and 123_456.

1.011 1998-07-18 ZENIN
    - Added BITMASK and ENUM directives.
    - Revamped documentation.

1.010 1998-06-12 ZENIN
    - Removed test code
    - Released to CPAN

1.009 1998-06-11 ZENIN
    - Fixed -w warning when a null tag is used

1.008 1998-06-11 ZENIN
    - Fixed documentation bugs
    - Moved A..Z case to last as it's not going to be used
      as much as the other cases.

1.007 1998-06-10 ZENIN
    - Changed interface to match original design by Tom Phoenix
      as implemented in an early version of by Benjamin Holzman.
    - Changed tag syntax to not require the 'PREFIX' string of Tom's
    - Allow multiple prefix tags to be used at any point.
    - Allowed index value changes from tags.

1.006 1998-06-10 ZENIN
    - Fixed superfulous -w warning

1.004 1998-06-10 ZENIN
    - Changed behaver to closer resemble C enum types
    - Changed docs to match new behaver