Revision history for Perl module Text::Diff

1.45 2017-08-16 NEILB
    - Typo fixed in doc. Patch from Lucas Kanashiro++. RT#112564
    - Documentation improvements PR from David Gutteridge++.

1.44 2016-02-26 NEILB
    - Fixed the handling of text without a trailing newline. This module now
      adds the same text that the diff tool does, "\n\\ No newline at end of
      file\n". Previously this module simply produced broken diffs when one or
      both files had no trailing newline. Fixed by Dave Rolsky. GitHub #1.

1.43 2015-08-21 NEILB
    - Got rid of the "Redundant argument in sprintf" warnings from
      Text:Diff::Table on Perl 5.021+. RT#100505 and RT#106602.
    - Metadata and doc now refer to NEILB's repo rather than OVID's.

1.42 2015-08-20 NEILB
    - Fixed pod link that was referring to the wrong place.
      Thanks to KENTNL for RT#106150.
    - First non-developer released of the changes listed against 1.41_01.

1.41_01 2015-06-02 NEILB
    - Developer release with changes I submitted for my January PRC assignment.
    - Updated all modules to "use warnings", and use "our ...", so bumped
      min perl version to 5.006, and added MIN_PERL_VERSION to Makefile.PL
    - RT#73505: if a file doesn't exist, you't get a warning about trying
      to read a closed filehandle. Now we croak.
    - RT#94895: blank line needed for =head1 OPTIONS to format properly.
    - RT#51612: the '>' character needed escaping inside pod formatting code.
    - RT#25283: fixed syntax error in SYNOPSIS of Text::Diff::Table
    - RT#101553: updated FSF postal address in LICENSE
    - Added SEE ALSO section to doc, with links to a bunch of Diff modules.
    - Added link to github repository in the doc
    - Deleted META.yml from the repo -- EUMM will generate it for us
    - Reformatted this file as per CPAN::Changes::Spec
    - Added, with two further things I can see need doing.
    - Removed all tab characters from source

1.41 2011-04-17 OVID
    - Add Text::Dif::Config to MANIFEST.

1.40 2011-04-16 OVID
    - Added DIFF_OUTPUT_UNICODE env variable to allow outputting unicode
      characters. Thanks to Shlomi Fish for the patch.

1.37 2009-07-16 ADAMK
    - Switching to a production release
    - Switching to a 1.xx version to indicate this
    - Added META.yml file

1.36_01 2009-07-13 ADAMK
    - Cleaning this up to pass tests
    - Adding author tests

0.35 2002-08-27 RBS
    - Escape whitespace if a blank line is inserted or removed.  This
      puts a "\n" in the column containing the blank line, for instance.

0.34 2002-07-14 RBS
    - Improved Table format's escaping
    - that "\t" and "\\t" are displayed differently
    - the entire line is escaped consistently if it is escaped
      at all.

0.33 2002-07-08 RBS
    - Make diff() return "" instead of 0 when comparing two empty
      things.  Patch from Rolf Grossmann <>.

0.32 2002-03-14 RBS
    - Fix escaping of all-whitespace strings.

0.31 2002-02-06 RBS
    - Remove stray $SIG{__DIE__} that was confessing on every die.

0.3 2001-12-21 RBS
    - undocumented

0.11 2001-12-10 RBS
    - Remove hardcoded date string from t/general.t's test data, because
      localtime is used to generate this in and the local machine's
      timezone (and locale?) can cause the localtime for a given mtime to be
      quite different.  Reported by  Andreas Marcel Riechert
      <> of cpan-testers.
    - Start this Changes file.
    - Added hunk_header() and hunk_footer() for symmetry in overloading.
    - Added t/ext_format.t

0.1 2001-12-09 RBS
    - Initial public release.
    - Added filename, filehandle, and string I/O options
    - API resembles Algorithm::Diff's a bit more
    - Reimplement output formats as classes so that external (user-supplied)
      can be specified as class names (My::Diff::Format) and so that they may
      be inherited from.  Should probably break out hunk_header() from hunk().
    - Add footer() to all formats