Revision history for Perl module Text::Autoformat

1.75 2019-08-13 NEILB
    - Correctly handle lists with "0" on the end of them to preserve
      the "0" rather than dropping it

1.74 2015-11-28 NEILB
    - On Perl 5.22+ you could get "Negative repeat count does nothing"
      warnings. Thanks to SREZIC for RT#109838.
    - Made the mention of Text::Reform in SEE ALSO be a link.
      Thanks to MANWAR for the PR doing this.
    - Added some more entries to SEE ALSO.

1.73 2015-11-08 NEILB
    - Fixed warnings about uninitialized values in GH#4.
      Thanks to Jeremy Mates for the PR.
    - Changed github repo URL after changing my github username

1.72 2015-06-14 NEILB
    - Switched to Dist::Zilla, dropping both Build.PL and Makefile.PL -- phew!
    - Refactored the two cuckoo packages into separate modules,
      Text::Autoformat::Hang and Text::Autoformat::NullHang.

1.71_01 2015-06-06 NEILB
    - The changes released in 1.72 (above) were first done in a
      developer release.

1.71 2015-05-04 NEILB
    - Previous release had a problem with PAUSE, caused by the two internal
      packages not having a $VERSION. Identified and reported as PAUSE
      issue GH#170 by KENTNL++. Added $VERSION to internal packages.

1.70 2015-05-01 NEILB
    - Removed useless loading of utf8 and Data::Dumper. RJBS++
    - Only renumber ASCII-digit lists, don't touch other \d things. RJBS++

1.69_01 2015-04-25 NEILB
    - This was a developer release containing the changes subsequently
      released in 1.70 (see above).

1.69 2015-02-15 NEILB
    - Changed the internal packages Hang and NullHang to
      Text::Autoformat::Hang and Text::Autoformat::NullHang respectively.

1.68 2015-02-15 NEILB
    - Was failing on input of an empty string RT#101994. Fix from DCONWAY.
      Apologies for the confusion caused by Damian and I both releasing,
      this release should straighten things up.
    - Fixed syntax errors in Quoting section of doc. DCONWAY++

1.67 2015-01-08 NEILB
    - Got co-maint from Damian so I could put the dist on github.
      Thanks Damian!
    - Reformatted this file as per CPAN::Changes::Spec
    - Added github repo to metadata and doc

1.669006 2014-10-03 DCONWAY
    - Improved 'quoter' option to allow augmenting quoter regex,
      rather than just replacing it (thanks Peter)

1.669005 2014-10-03 DCONWAY
    - Added Lisp-style leading ; as a quoter (thanks Roland)
    - Added 'quoter' option to allow user to specify a regex
      to be used to recognize quoters (thanks Peter)

1.669004 2013-07-31 DCONWAY
    - Tweaked widow handling to avoid a nasty edge case (thanks Michael!)

1.669003 2013-05-13 DCONWAY
    - Unknown changes

1.669002 2010-06-22 DCONWAY
    - Patched missing case in 'ignore' option handling (thanks Alan)

1.669001 2010-05-30 DCONWAY
    - Added major improvements to the 'ignore' option (thanks Dan!)

1.668001 2010-04-03 DCONWAY
    - Removed spurious debugging statement in bad Pod. (Thanks Chris)

1.666.0 2009-04-16 DCONWAY
    - No changes logged

1.14.0 2007-09-29 DCONWAY
    - Fixed bug in handling empty mail messages
    - Fixed bug in handling sig delimiters
    - Fixed bug in paragraph ignoring code (thanks Rob)
    - Fixed bug in handling whitespace-only input (thanks Ed)
    - Fixed bug in Roman numerals (thanks Suresh)
    - Fixed overeager autocentering (thanks Suresh)
    - Enhanced 'lists' option to allow only specific types of lists
      to be recognized (thanks Rob)
    - Fixed bug in numbered hangs (thanks Rob)
    - Fixed bug in Roman numeraled hangs (thanks Rob)
    - Fixed misidentification of 8:20-style times as leading numbers (thanks
    - Fixed sentence mode (thanks Eric)
    - Changed licence to "same terms as Perl itself" to improve Fedora

1.13 2005-05-04 DCONWAY
    - Added sample config files for emacs and vim
    - Extended allows "Name>" quoters to "Name_1>" (thanks Simon)
    - Fixed weird behaviour of "(e.g. at start of line" (thanks Tim)
    - Fixed handling of mail headers by adding "mail" option
      (thanks Struan)
    - Fixed bug in quoters (thanks Steve)
    - Added a C<lists> option to turn off special treatment of apparent
      lists (thanks Ingvar)

1.12 2003-05-27 DCONWAY
    - Now honours -- mail sig introducer
      (stops formatting that that point)
    - Now ignores mail headers
    - Added exportable &ignore_headers for 
      when using in user-defined "ignore" subs
    - Now handles of embedded HTML entities 
      (thanks David)
    - Added call to C<use utf8> for 5.6 compatibility
      (thanks Paolo)
    - Restricted normal numbering to the range 0-999
      to prevent false numbering caused by a year (like
      1999) at the start of a line (like this)
    - Fixed subtle bug with words starting with "ps-"
      being treated as post scripts (thanks Rashid!)

1.11 2003-05-07 DCONWAY
    - Enhanced "highlight" casing mode (thanks Tom)
    - Made hyphenation smarter (thanks Raj)

1.10 2003-04-09 DCONWAY
    - Fixed again!!!

1.08 2003-04-02 DCONWAY
    - Simplified

1.07 2003-04-02 DCONWAY
    - Tweaked pod to remove invalid markup
    - Fixed left justification of last line of fully justified text
      (thanks Elias)
    - Devolved &from and &tag to Text::Reform
    - Fixed incorrect handling of stringifiable objects (thanks dLux)
    - Fixed bugs on null input (now short-circuits)
    - Fixed unwarranted trimming of trailing newlines (thanks Mark)
    - Added C<renumber> option to control renumbering
    - Preserved capitalization of abbreviations under case changes
      (thanks Alex)
    - Added "autocentre" flag to switch off auto-centring of paras
    - Added "ignore" flag to control which paragraphs are reformatted
      (thanks Tony)

1.04 2000-12-04 DCONWAY
    - Limited numerical bullets to 3 digits.
      This stops autoformat from misclassifying orphaned years such as 2001.
    - Added new abbreviations
    - Doc patch on numerical formatting (thanks Andy)
    - Major bug fixes to renumbering mechanism
    - Turned off renumbering in quoted text.
    - Added correct autostringification of autostringifying objects
      passed to &form. (Thanks Leon)
    - Cleaned up "evil" exporting code left over from testing
      (Thanks Rick)

1.03 2000-10-25 DCONWAY
    - Tweaked and POD
    - required 5.005
      (module uses funky stuff that's broken in earlier perls - sorry Dave)
    - added break_TeX subroutine to take advantage of TeX::Hyphen
      if it's installed.
    - documented "sticky" config mode
    - Changed semantics of footer generation slightly (see doc)
    - fixed niggle in widow handling under full justification
    - Added pagenum option to control page numbering
    - Added three-part hash specification option for headers and footers
      (thanks Chaim)
    - Added separator handling to autoformat -- also fixes
      underlining of heading (thanks very much Simon)

1.02 2000-08-05 DCONWAY

0.01 1997-11-03
    - original version; created by h2xs 1.18