This distribution contains the Net::Dict module for Perl.
Net::Dict is a class implementing a simple client API
for the DICT protocol defined in RFC2229.

To install this module, you should just have to run the following:

	% perl Makefile.PL
	% make
	% make test
	% make install

When you run "perl Makefile.PL" you'll be asked for the hostname
and port for the DICT server used when testing. If you're not
going to run "make install", then just press return. You should
be able to just press return on the two questions anyway.

This module now supports the AUTH optional capability. To use this
you will need the Digest::MD5 module, available from CPAN.

The module is documented using pod. When you "make install", you
will get a man-page Net::Dict. You can also generate HTML using pod2html:

	% pod2html lib/Net/

Three sample clients are included in this distribution.
Any additional modules required are noted, and available from CPAN.

	A basic command-line client, based on the C dict client
	by Rik Faith.
	Requires: AppConfig, AppConfig::Std

	A first cut at a Perl/Tk client. This is pretty rough;
	any suggestions or patches are welcome!
	Requires: AppConfig, AppConfig::Std, Tk, Tk::Dialog

	Illustrates basic use of Net::Dict.

Net::Dict was written by Dmitry Rubinstein, but is now maintained by me.

Neil Bowers <>