Perl 5 module IO::Tee

Lingua::Stem::Ru is a pure perl module that lets you multiplex output
to multiple file handles.


You install IO::Tee by running these commands in the *nix environment:

   perl Makefile.PL
   make test (optional)
   make install

If you have a CPAN client installed, you should be able to run something like:

   cpan IO::Tee
   cpanm IO::Tee


POD format documentation is included in lib/IO/
You can read the documentation online:

Or read it on your terminal, using the perldoc command:

    perldoc IO::Tee


Copyright (C) 1998-2017 Chung-chieh Shan.


This module was created by Chung-chieh Shan (KENSHAN),
but is currently (as of August 2017) being maintained by Neil Bowers (NEILB).