AppConfig::Std is a subclass of Andy Wardley's AppConfig module,
to provide standard command-line arguments for tool scripts.

AppConfig is a Perl5 module to handle global configuration variables
for perl programs. AppConfig::Std provides the following switches:

	-help           display a short help statement
	-doc            display the full documentation (formatted pod)
	-version        display the version of the script
	-verbose	turn on verbose status/progress output
	-debug          turn on debugging output

The module is a subclass of AppConfig, and uses Brad Appleton's
Pod::Usage module to implement the -help and -doc switches.

To install this module, you should just have to run the following:

	% perl Makefile.PL
	% make
	% make test
	% make install

I'd be happy to hear of any suggestions for improving this module.

Neil Bowers <>