Revision history for perl module AppConfig::Std

1.10 2015-10-26 NEILB
    - Switched to Dist::Zilla
    - Got rid of tab characters
    - Updated github repo URL after changing my github username
    - Made the SEE ALSO entries linked, and simplified the formatting

1.09 2014-01-30
    - Added "use warnings"
    - min Perl version 5.6.0

1.08 2013-07-20
    - ChangeLog renamed to Changes and reformatted as per CPAN::Changes::Spec
    - Added repository details to metadata (Makefile.PL) and pod
    - Added license type to metadata (in Makefile.PL)

1.07 2002-07-03
    - We now over-ride the getopt() method, and handle the
      standard options if getopt() is used rather than args().
      Change based on a patch from Martin Bloecker.
    - Added a set of tests which exercise the getopt() method.
    - Renamed the show_version() function to _show_version(),
      to signify its private status.

1.06 2002-03-09
    - The testsuite was try to invoke perl on the test script,
      which fails if you install the binary as something other
      than "perl". Changed "perl" to "$^X". Also invoked perl
      with -Iblib/lib when running the test, so that it actually
      pulls in the version you think you're testing :-)
      Thanks to Ed Santiago for both of these.

1.05 2002-01-19
    - Added a basic test-suite. Tests all switches apart
      from -help. The test-suite works by comparing the
      output of a test script with expected output.
      The output of -help will be formatted slightly
      differently on different systems (pod2usage() uses
      perldoc to format the output), so the comparison
      is likely to fail.

1.04 2002-01-15
    - Updated call to pod2usage() - the API has changed.
    - Minor improvements to documentation.

1.03 2001-02-26
    - Tied up the documentation; eg updated references to CPAN.
    - Added a -verbose switch - found I was adding one of these
      to just about all of my scripts.

1.02 1998-12-09
    - First version of module. Created from previous module App::StdConfig.