Revision history for Hash-AutoHash-AVPairsSingle

1.17	2013-10-05
	No functional changes
	Updated depdendencies
        Fixed boilerplate & pod tests

1.16	2012-12-11
	Fixed tests that were failing because of hash key randomization 
	introduced in 5.16

1.15	skipped

1.14	2012-09-18
	- Fixed Hash::AutoHash prerequisite in Build.PL. Needs 1.15
	- Reverted version numbers in helper and tie package. PAUSE upload
	  wasn't failing - it was just a warning

1.13	2012-09-02
	Fixed problem with version numbers in helper and tie packages causing
	PAUSE upload to fail

1.12	2012-09-03
	- INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: no longer possible to use method notation for keys
	  with the same names as methods inherited from UNIVERSAL (the base  
	  class of everything). These are  'can', 'isa', 'DOES', and 'VERSION'.
	  The reason is that as of Perl 5.9.3, calling UNIVERSAL methods as
	  functions is deprecated and developers are encouraged to use method
	  form instead. Previous versions of module are incompatible with CPAN
	  modules that adopt this style.
	- Added test for version number in POD
	- Changes to Build.PL
	  Removed redundant 'dist_version_from' param
          Added Module::Build to configure_requires
	  Changed create_makefile_pl from deprecated 'passthrough' to 'small'

1.11    2010-02-24
	Minor documentation cleanup and reformatting

1.10    2009-10-30
	This should be stable release assuming CPAN testers find no problems
        Fixed Build prereqs
        Refactored perl 5.10 dependent test code

1.00    2009-10-30
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.