Revision history for Perl module Time::ParseDate

2015.1030 2015-10-30
        - Not requirement for Time::Piece for tests.
2015.0925 2015-09-25
          fix epoch second 0 with timezone. 
2015.0925 2015-09-25
        - apply patch from bug
          use Time::Piece in place of POSIX tzset for better compatibility with Windows. 
2015.0925 2015-09-25
        - apply patch from bug
          manpage typo patch 
2013.1113 2013-11-13
	- fix bug
	  "Month day, year" wasn't parsing correctly.
2013.0920 2013-09-20
	- Skip tests when tzset isn't available
	- Type-o fixes
2013.0917 2013-09-17
	- Replaced CHANGELOG with Changes file.
2013.0916 2013-09-16
	- Module NAME changed to Time::ParseDate.  Change requested by
	  David Steinbrunner.
2013.0913 2013-09-13
	- Changed date terminator to accept many more characters (not just
	  whitespace.  Fixing:
	- Added "Sept" as an abbr for September.
	- Parse subsecond strings longer than six digits.
	  Can only return about four digits though.
2013.0912 2013-09-12
        - Pulled fix from Adam Schobelock that removes timezone offset
	  caching because it was creating incorrect behavor or Moscow.
2011.0517 2011-05-17
	- Bugfix from Sophie Hamilton: call tzset() when changing timezones.
	- Bugfix: bail out of tests cleanly when tzset doesn't work.
2011.0505 2011-05-05
	- Bugfix: make sure $ampm is defined so no undefined string warnings
	  are issued.
	- Honor the GMT flag when parsing time specs.  Patch from
	  kris at
	- Bugfix: RT#31477 noon & midnight would match in the middle of strings.
	- Added %v conversion for Time::CTime
	- Added tests to disprove invalid bug reports.
2006.0814 2006-08-14
	- A bugfix for negative offsets that overflowed (from Vernon Lyon 
	  <vlyon at>)
	- Add a few more timezones (from Peter Ludemann <ludemann at>
	  and Alex Bowley <kilinrax at>)
	- Recognize fractional times counts like "1.5 minutes ago" 
	  (from Simon Wistow <>)
	- Recognize Dow "before last" (from Ole Craig <ocraig at>)
	- Change various __DATA__ to __END__ (from Nick Ing-Simmons 
	  <nick at>)
2003.1125 2003-11-25
	- Various folks have complained that JulianDay isn't correct.  An
	  errata section has been added to the documentation.
	- Mark Ivey <> add '@' as a synonym for 'at'.
	  Fixed typos.  
	- Bryan Henderson <> sent in a patch to
	  allow NOW => 0 so that ParseDate can be used to parse relative
	- sent in a patch adding a bit of ISO 8601
	- David Alban <> doesn't like allowing the
	  hour 24:00.  I agree.  Gone if you have VALIDATE=>1.
	- Still to be done: the support the large number of ISO 8601 
	  date formats:
2003.0211 2003-02-11
	- Mike Cramer <> sent a patch to Timezone to
	  handle changes in $ENV{TZ}. 
	- Rani Pinchuk <> sent in a definition for the
	  CEST timezone.
	- On's behalf the timezone 'MET DST' is now
2002.1001 2002-10-01
	- No real changes, just added a license.
101.062001 2001-06-20
	- Paul Zimmer <> found that '7/17/01' with
	  PREFER_FUTURE failed badly.  Fixed.  This was also submitted
	  by Dana Burd <>.
	- Ben Daglish <> noted that array context
	  was implying WHOLE and DATE_REQUIRED.  Fixed.
	- Streppone Cosimo <> requested support for
	  postgresql's date format ("dd/mm/yyyy hh:mn:ss +tzo")
	- Ameeth Linus Daniel <> found that IST wasn't 
	  a defined timezone.  I've defined it as +0530, but I'm not 
	  positive that's correct.
	- Gautam Tripathi <> sent in a fix for
	  timezone offset calculations making them consistent across
	  all systems (no more problems with differing interpretations
	  of negative modulus operations).
	- Mike Nerone <> requested the syntax 
	  "4 days ago".  He says that that syntax is suppored by
	  GNU date.  This was also requested by Townsend, John E. 
	- Anton Berezin <> notice that ParseDate
	  couldn't handle "Sunday, 06-Nov-94 08:49:37 GMT" and sent
	  in a patch.
100.010301 2000-01-03
	- W. Phillip Moore <> reproted a Y2K bug: it could
	  not parse 'Jan  1 2000 10:30:30AM'.  Fixed.  This is embarassing
	  beasue <> sent in a patch Dec 9th!
99.111701 1999-11-17
	- Allen Smith <> noticed that VALIDATE
	  wouldn't accept hours > 0...  
	- Hugh C Kennedy <> contributed patches to
	  parse months like `Jan.' in additon to `Jan' and `January'.
99.062401 1999-06-24:
	- Randy Kobes <> sent in a fix for that allows all tests to pass on MSWin32.
	- Eric Prestemon <> noticed that %y would print
	  "0" in 2000, not "00" as it should.  Fixed.
	- Parsedate() now checks for wantarray() and returns what remains of
	  its input when called from array context.
	- Added another parsing option: VALIDATE.  When VALIDATE is set,
	  silly values for hours, months, etc will be rejected.  Like the
	  32nd of December will no longer be new years day.
99.062201 1999-06-22
	- Optionally return fractional seconds from ParseDate (including 
	  the SYBASE formatted ones).  Provide for printing fractional
	  seconds in CTime.  Changes from Douglas Wegscheid 
99.061601 1999-06-16
	- More attempts to support systems whose time function isn't 
	  centered around Jan 1, 1970 midnight GMT.
99.061501 1999-05-15
	- Fixed a couple of compiler warnings.  Did extensive testing with
	  dates beyond 2000 and before 1970.  Quite a few code changes.
	  Old code would have worked in many > 2000 cases but broke 
	  terribly for dates < 1970.
	  New code should work until year 10k.  Well, there's one problem:
	  unix time format is only 32 bits, signed. 
98.112901 1998-11-29
	- Slight change to avoid an "Use of uninitialized value" error
	  pointed out by Mike Coffin <mhc@Eng.Sun.COM>.
98.112801 1998-11-12
	- It turns out that Sybase emits time values like "3:09:59:000PM".  The
	  last three digits are milliseconds.  Such times are now recognized
	  but the milliseconds are ignored.  Change requested by
	  ryanmcleish <>.
	- Corrected the documenation on strftime conversions for %d and %e.  The
	  code and the documentation now agree:
		%d - 01 to 31
		%e -  1 to 31
98.052201 1998-05-22
	- Minor bugfix: didn't recognize 5/18/1998.
97.092101 1997-09-21
	- Fix a 5.004 warning.
	- Add support for "June 4, 1997"
96.110801 1996-11-08
	- Added support for negative relative times.
	- Bugfix: "now" by itself was ignored.
	- Bugfix: could not combine "now" with time offsets (only date offsets)
96.032801 1996-03-28
	- Added support for "TZN
96.032702 1996-03-27
	- This is the first release to use the Makefile.PL 
	  packaging.  There are many changes with repect to 
	  previous releases.  All modules now running with -w and
	  use strict.
	- should be faster
	- core logic changed, more dates parsed.
	- datetime.t: more tests
	- ripped out tzset code and replaced it
	  with code from Graham Barr <>