= 2006/07/04	0.6

Don't exit too quickly on 'Bail out!'

Re-work where newline is inserted.

= 2006/06/22	0.5

Bugfix: bailout code had wrong argument throughout.

= 2004/05/05	0.4

Now requires IO::Event 0.504 -- bugs fixed there.

= 2004/04/21	0.3

Bugfix: "sub foobar;" was parsed as starting a sub

Bugfix: line number could get off a bit

Requires the new release of IO::Event

Regression test fixes.

Documentation fixes

= 2004/02/25	0.2

Bug: Inactivity timeout timer always fired -- fixed

Can now import 'stderr' to indicate that stderr output
should be tagged with what stream it came from.

Can now import 'colorize' to color the output based on which
stream it came from.

Can now import 'bail_on_bad_plan' to exit early when a child
exits early.

Initial revision