Bio::ViennaNGS::Tutorial - A collection of basic tutorials demonstrating of the core components and features of the Bio::ViennaNGS suite


The Bio::ViennaNGS tutorial is a collection of fully documented pipeline scripts that have been built as a showcase for the usage of the Bio::ViennaNGS distribution with real NGS data.


Many example pipelines covered here work and depend on fairly large real world NGS data sets in the gigabyte scale. Be prepared that each tutorial takes a couple of hours of CPU time to finish. When running the scripts locally you need to ensure that your system has enough hardware resources available.


All input data required for the individual tutorial pipelines can be downloaded from the ViennaNGS data repository.


Tutorial 03: Automatic generation of UCSC genome browser Track Hubs for visualization of ENCODE RNA-seq data


Michael T. Wolfinger <>
Joerg Fallmann <>
Florian Eggenhofer <>
Fabian Amman <<gt>


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