Bio::ViennaNGS::AnnoC - Object-oriented interface for storing and converting biological sequence annotation formats


  use Bio::ViennaNGS::AnnoC;

  my $obj = Bio::ViennaNGS::AnnoC->new();

  # parse GFF3 file to internal data straucture

  # compute summary of parsed annotation

  # dump feature summary to file

  # dump all tRNAs contained in data structure as BED12


This module provides an object-oriented interface for storing and converting biological sequence annotation data. Based on the Moose object system, it maintains a central data structure which is curently designed to represent simple, non-spliced (ie single-exon) annotation data. Future versions of the module will account for more generic scenarios, including spliced isoforms.



Title : parse_gff

Usage : $obj->parse_gff($gff3_file);

Function: Parses GFF3 annotation files of non-spliced genomes into $self->features

Args : The full path to a GFF3 file

Returns :

Notes : The GFF3 specification is available at This routine has been tested with NCBI bacteria GFF3 annotation.


Title : feature_summary

Usage : $obj->feature_summary($dest);

Function : Generate a summary file for all features present in $self->features

Args : Full output path for summary.txt file

Returns :


Title : features2bed

Usage : $obj->features2bed($feature,$workdir,$bn,$log);

Function : Dumps genomic features from $self->features hash to a BED12 file.

Args : $gbkey can be either a string corresponding to a genbank key in $self->featstat or undef. If defined, only features of the speficied key will be dumped to a single BED12 file. If $gbkey is undef, BED12 files will be generated for each type present in $self->featstat. $dest is the output directory and $bn the basename for all output files. $log is either be the full path to a logfile or undef.

Returns :




Michael T. Wolfinger <>


Copyright (C) 2014-2017 Michael T. Wolfinger <>

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