Module Getopt::FileConfig

Getopt::FileConfig is a module for processing of configuration files which
define some variables to be exported into the callers namespace(s) or
hash-refs. These variables can be optionally overriden from environment
variables and unconditionally from command line arguments. Getopt::Long is
used for the last part.


Having a config file pcm.rc:

  simple          =s      .       SIMPLE          "blak"
  aref            =s      .       AREF            []
  href            =s      Kazaan  HREF            {}

and perl script

  use Getopt::FileConfig;
  use Data::Dumper;

  $XX = {};
  my $cfg = new Getopt::FileConfig(-hash=>$XX);
  print Dumper($XX);

The result of running: -aref pepe -aref lojz -href drek=shit -href joska=boob is:

  $VAR1 = {
      'AREF' => [
      'Kazaan' => {
                    'HREF' => {
                                'drek' => 'shit',
                                'joska' => 'boob'
      'SIMPLE' => 'blak'