Revision history for Perl extension Data::JavaScript.

1.15  Sun Oct 11 11:37:15 EDT 2020
  - Adding skip check to the perlcritic test to avoid cpan tester issues.

1.14  Fri Oct 8 23:33:20 EDT 2020
  - Modernized codebase
  - Added CI

1.13  Thu Aug 14 11:01:10 EDT 2008
  - Finished implementing import
  - "Simplified"/unified __quotemeta code forks

1.12  Wed Aug 13 22:48:12 EDT 2008
  - Some minor refactoring, including the removal of a dependency on
  - Fixed a misnumbered test in 1_11, which was intended to be a
    development release.
  - Escape </script> based on reports of certain stupid browsers
    ceasing to parse JavaScript upon encountering this string,
    even in strings.
  - Added explicit license

1_11  Tue Nov 15 14:30:22 EST 2005
  - Touched up documentation
  - Fixed syntax errors for hash key names that are also JS keywords
    Reported by Kevin J. of Activestate
  - Hash keys are now dumped in alphabetical order, this makes code
    easier to debug (as suggested by Scott Wessels) and is necessary
    for thorough testing.
  - Special characters tab, newline, carriage return, ", and \ are
    now escaped in place instead of as hex: \t, \n, \r, \", \\

1.10  Sun Nov 13 03:50 EST 2005
  - Touched up documentation
  - Explicitly requires Perl 5
  - Previously undocumented, "private", quotemeta is now __quotemeta
    though you may still import and use it
  - Defaults to JavaScript1.3 compatible code with Unicode and undefined
    support, specifc JS=>1.2 on the use line for backwards compatbility.
  - Removed unnecessary evaluation of numeric elements, this fixes octal
    interpretation of zipcodes, etc. Still, zipcodes such as 02137 would
    be *correctly* evaluated by the client as 1119. However, in keeping
    with the principle of least surprise any purely numeric string with
    a leading zero will be treated as a string and quoted. If you really
    meant to send a literal octal value, you can always eval the var
    Similarly, engineering and hex notations are passed through to
    strings as well.

    Thanks for reports from Javier Arturo Rodriguez, Marius Feraru,
    Joseph Annino, Alan Fairless, Kevin J.
  - quotemeta has been completely rewritten with support for Unicode

    Thanks for reports from Slaven Rezic, Marius Feraru, Sean Burke

1.08  Thu Feb 13 09:04:27 EST 2003
  - Touched up the documentation

1.07  Sat Feb  8 12:40:16 EST 2003
        - Added means to control how undef is dumped, suggested by Slaven Rezic
    In doing so I have removed the undocumented feature that a list
    was silently transformed into a list reference.
  - Touched up the documentation


Ariel Brosh passed away a few months ago. I volunteered to maintain this
module as it was the inspiration for my own Data::JavaScript::LiteObject


1.04  Thu Jul 19          2001
  - Fixed quoting back, thanks to Garick Hamlin

1.00  Mon Jun 12 21:03:29 2000
  - original version; created by h2xs 1.19