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<H3 CLASS="title">What is Virus Scanning?</H3>

<P>Virus Scanning is the process of scanning email messages and comparing any mail
message attachments against a database of known virus signatures. A properly configured Mail::Toaster will reject any message that contains a virus. Optionally, some systems may also quarantine viral messages.</p> 

<p>In addition to blocking viruses, we also block several file extensions which are
seldom used for legitimate purposes and are typical of viral content. These file extensions are:</p>

<pre> .exe .com .vbs .lnk .scr .wsh .hta .pif </pre>

<p>This is a very sensible precaution but if that does not work for you, contact your mail server administrator and ask them to override it for your domain or even just a single email address. Please do no be surprised when they seem a bit incredulous.</p>


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<H3 CLASS="title">How do I protect my email from Viruses?</H3>

<p>Virus filtering is typically enabled system wide so the entire server and every email box on it is protected. If viruses are arriving in your inbox, alert your systems administrator and ask them to enable virus filtering. Send them a link to the <a href="http://www.mail-toaster.org/filtering.shtml">Mail::Toaster Filtering page</a> for instructions. </p><br>


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