This is a proof-of-concept implementation of an idea I had to pull of
inheritance without OO.  Basically just want to wipe that smug smile
off the OO folks.

    foundation - Inheritance without objects

      package Foo;

      sub fooble { 42 }

      package Bar;

      sub mooble { 23 }
      sub hooble { 13 }

      package FooBar;
      use foundation;
      foundation(qw(Foo Bar));

      sub hooble { 31 }

      print fooble();       # prints 42
      print moodle();       # prints 23
      print hooble();       # prints 31 (FooBar overrides hooble() from Bar)
      print SUPER('hooble');     # prints 13 (Bar's hooble())

    Haven't drunk the OO Kool-Aid yet? Think object-oriented has something
    to do with Ayn Rand? Do you eat Java programmers for breakfast?

    If the answer to any of those is yes, than this is the module for you!
    `foundation' adds the power of inheritance without getting into a

    Simply `use foundation' and list which libraries symbols you wish to
    "inherit". It then sucks in all the symbols from those libraries into
    the current one.