Welcome to the Startup-0.103

To be found at: http://wwwwbs.cs.tu-berlin.de/~schwartz/perl/

Developing with perl you certainly appreciate to write easily nifty programs. 
Unfortunately a bunch of boring problems makes life uncomfortable. With some 
of them I had to deal so often, that I created this little collection. 


-   You want to have an option to work on files recursively.

-   You want some modules to print some info during work, but this output 
    would hardly be predictable and thus might destroy your program output.

-   You want to have a little logfile reporting actions.

-   You want to report errors, but not via "die", and you dislike to write 
    trapping code all the time.

This module shall contribute to solve those problems, making your your 
programs more valuable.

I propose to settle Startup.pm in CPAN's category 3 as:

Startup    aupO   A program flow utility

Contact: Martin schwartz@cs.tu-berlin.de

Comments welcome!