- almost all useful features are missing ;)

- users duplicate over time.. maybe games too?

- games don't get updated it seems

- trivial: remember the time of the last move for restarting the timer

- or is it a flag(?):
  lavalyn: "~" is what you get if you have played 5 more than twice the number of games you've played against "?" "-" or "not stronger" players

- some user'ess prefers the ggo board. well...

- seperate goboard etc. from the rest.


- labels, resize bg colour
- board colour => traditional yellowish kaya

BUGS (should report to wms, but since he started a war, maybe we should try to
      avoid attention).

- one can get random memory dumps from the server (passwords if you try long enough? :)
  (UPDATE: indeed, the server leaks passwords, unfortunately the associated usernames
  are not near, still troubling...)
- it seems the client is extremely easy to crash...