DateTime::Moonpig is a thin wrapper around the DateTime module to fix problems with that module's design. The main points are:

  • Methods for mutating DateTime::Moonpig objects in place have been overridden to throw a fatal exception. These include add_duration and subtract_duration, set_* methods such as set_hour, and truncate.
  • The addition and subtraction operators have been overridden.

    Adding a DateTime::Moonpig to an integer n returns a new DateTime::Moonpig equal to a time n seconds later than the original. Similarly, subtracting n returns a new DateTime::Moonpig equal to a time n seconds earlier than the original.

    Subtracting two DateTime::Moonpigs returns the number of seconds elapsed between them. It does not return an object of any kind.

  • The new method can be called with a single argument, which is interpreted as a Unix epoch time, such as is returned by Perl's built-in time() function.

  • A few convenient methods have been added


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